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Effort force:Load force.

For example, if you put in 10 newtons of force and the load force was exerting 5 newtons the velocity ratio would be 2:1

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What is velocity ratio?

it is the ratio of the velocity of the point of application of effort to the velocity of the load

Define velocity ratio?

The ratio of distance covered by the effort to the distance covered by the load is called velocity ratio . Simply you can write , the ratio of effort distance to load distance is called velocity ratio .

How do you find the velocity ratio of a pulley?

To find the velocity ratio of a pulley, you must first find the effort and load distances. then you divide the two and there you have you VR (velocity ratio).

Does friction affects velocity ratio?

No. The velocity ratio remains constant but the friction absorbs power.

What is formula calculating velocity?

The formula is Velocity = Distance/ Time

How do you calculate effort the machine of velocity ratio 5 and efficiency 60 percent calculate the effort required to lift a load of 300N?

efficiency=mechanical advantage/velocity ratio mechanical advantage=load/effort use this formula, ans:100N

What ist the formula fir velocity?

The formula for velocity is (v = d/t) or (velocity = distance/time).

What is the formula to calculate velocity?

the formula t calculate velocity is:velocity (v)=distance(d)/time(t)

What is the formula to velocity?

Velocity is distance / time

What is the formula for speed and velocity?

The formula for speed is distance over time and the formula for velocity is Displacement over time.

What is the formula for a change in velocity?

The formula for a change in velocity is dV/dt, and this is called acceleration.

What is the formula for beverage cost ratio?

formula for beverage cost ratio

What is the relationship between ideal mechanical advantage and velocity ratio?

The ratio of Mechanical Advantage and Velocity Ratio is Efficiency. That is to say the ratio of M.A. and V.R. is constant.

State the relationship between mechanical advatage velocity and efficiency as applied to a machine?

The relationship between mechanical advantage, velocity ratio & efficiency is:- efficiency=Mechanical Advantage/Velocity Ratio

Formula for finging velocity?

velocity is distance/time

How are spped velocity direction and acceleration the same?

acceleration=ratio of change in velocity in a specific direction to time. speed=ratio of distance to time.

What is the Formula in Final Velocity?

Final velocity = (Initial velocity) + (time)(acceleration)

What is the resultant velocity formula?


What is the formula of wave velocity?

velocity = frequency / wavelength, I believe.

You want correct formula for instantaneous velocity?

v(t) = dsdt This should be the formula for instantaneous velocity.

What is the formula for the velocity of a wave?

One formula is:speed (of the wave) = frequency x wavelength

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