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Perimeter is the sum of its 4 sides

Area is its length times its perpendicular height

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Q: What is the formula to calculate a parallelogram?
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What is the formula used to calculate the area of a parallelogram?

Base x Height

How is the formula for the parallelogram related to the area formula of the rectangle?

The area formula for the parallelogram is related to the area formula for a rectangle because you can make the parallelogram into a rectangle to find the area.

What is the formula area of a parallelogram?

The formula for area of a parallelogram is bh. Base times height.

What is the value of a parallelogram?

That depends on what aspect of the parallelogram you want to calculate.

What is formula of a parallelogram?

Assuming that you are asking about the formula for the AREA of a parallelogram (there is no formula for a parallelogram), A = bh where A is the "area", b is the length of any side (called a "base"), and h is the "height" measured perpendicular from that base to the opposite side.

What is the formula for circumference of a parallelogram?


Formula for finding the perimeter of a parallelogram?

P = 2a + 2b Where a & b are the sides of the parallelogram.

Formula for unknown altitude of a parallelogram?

Hopefully you've been given the parallelogram's area. If so you can use the following formula: Area of parallelogram = base length x altitude therefore altitude = area of parallelogram (divided by) base length

How do you find out the area of a parallelogram?

A formula is needed to find the area of a parallelogram. It is a very simple formula which notates Area = base x height.

How do you find an area of a parallelogram without a formula?


What is the formula of a parallelogram?

B x H

How do you find the surface area of a parallelogram?

The formula to find the surface area of a parallelogram is Base*Height.