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Take the old value and subtract from the new value, then divide by the old value.

Multiply by 100. That number representsthe percent change.

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Q: What is the formula to find percent of change?
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What is the percent of change formula?

100 %

3.50 to 2.80 what is the percent decrease?

Percent change can be found using the formula below:(new amount) - (original amount)% change = __________________________(original amount)Using this formula, we find that2.8 - 3.5 -0.7_______ = ____ = -0.2, which equals a 20% decrease (negative answer)3.5 3.5

What formula do you use to find PERCENT?

part over whole

How do you find rate of change?

slope formula is the answer

What is the formula to find out what 4 percent of 20?

20 x .04 = ?

To determine the formula of a new substance one of the first steps is to find?

The chemical formula is determined by chemical analysis of the components.

What is the importance of percentage composition?

Percent composition can be used to calculate the percentage of an element/compound in a mixture. From the percent composition, you can also find the empirical formula. And from the empirical formula you can find the actual molecular weight.

Find percent of change from 60 to 36?

Using the equation of percent of change.(Original Value - Current Value) / Originalvalue *100% = Percent change(60 - 36 ) / 60 *100 = 40%40% is the percent change

Find the percent of change and state whether it was a percent of increase (I) or percent of decrease (D).from 289 to 762?

The answer is 164% I.

Can you solve this Pb59.4 g and Cl is 40.6 g find the Empirical Formula?

if they are at percent then change it by imagining that it is out of 100 so you get this into grams then divide the grams by the molar mass to get the moles then find the smallest moles and divide it and the other ones by the smallest moles..... then you get your ratio for that question then apply it to writing the formula...

You want to find what 15 percent of 140000 is What is the formula format?

.15 x 140000 = ?

What is formula to find 700 is 11 percent of what amount?

700 x 100/11...