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big/small so if it was 1/4 2/8 divide to numbers across 8/4 and 2/1 i THINK

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Q: What is the formula to find scale factor?
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How do you find the scale factor in math?

well.... first off you have to find the scale factor...

How do you find a scale factor?

A scale Factor is Algbrea so you have to... x - + and/or divided.

How do you figure out the scale factor of a circle?

how do you find the scale factor of two circles

What is the dilation of 22 if the scale factor is 2.5?

The dilation of 22 with scale factor 2.5 is 55.The formula for finding a dilation with a scale factor is x' = kx (k = scale factor), so x' = 2.5(22) = 55.

How do you find the scale factor of a triangle?

You find the scale factor on a triangle by dividing the short side by the long side.

Perimeter ratio 100 and find scale factor?

The linear scale factor is 100.

How do you find the scale factor of a cylinder?

how to do a scale factor of cylinder is that you find the base and the height and the length of A area hope you like my examples.

How to find the scale factor within two polygons?

Finding the scale factor for two polygons is simple to do. All you have to do is find the angles in a rectangle.

How can you find the scale factor from a smaller figure to the larger figure using the scale factor?

The two scale factors are reciprocals of one another.

How 2 find scale factor?

A scale factor of 2 means everything is shown in half the size of the original.

How do you find the scale factor of dilation?

The scale factor is the ratio of any side of the image and the corresponding side of the original figure.

How do you find the scale factor of a 2 dimensional figure?

You need information about a pre-image AND and image to work out a scale factor.