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It depends on the shape of the tank.

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How do you measure capacity of a tank?

The answer depends on whether or not the tank has a geometric shape. If it has a shape that can be broken up into simply geometric shapes, each with a volume formula, you can calculate the volume of each section and add them together. Obviously that will not work with a random shape. In that case, you can fill the tank to capacity and then empty it out into measuring jars or flasks. Use the volume of the jars to calculate the volume of the tank.

What is the formula in finding the volume of irregular solid?

There is no formula for finding the volume of an irregular solid. One method is water displacement which works as follows: Fill a graduated container with water and read off the volume of water. Then you submerge the irregular shaped solid in the water and measure the volume inside the container again. The difference between the two levels is the volume of the solid. This clearly cannot work for solids that are soluble in water. Other fluids may have to be used in such cases. Also, it will not work if the solid floats on water, but in that case you can submerge it using additional weights (whose volume you have measured).

How many gallons of water per square foot are there in a water tank?

> Best work with cubic feet, first calculate the volume of the tank in cubic feet: = Length * width * height (all dimensions in feet) Then : For US gallons, multiply volume (cubic feet) by 7.4805 For UK gallons, multiply volume (cubic feet) by 6.2288

How do you work out the volume of something?

The formula for volume is Length x Width x Height.

How can you work out the volume of a corner fish tank?

Divide the tank down into its componant shapes; rectangles and triangles. Calculate the volume of each section, and the add them together.

What is the formula for finding the volume of a copper?

If you refer to a copper coin, simply place it in a measuring glass of water and work out the difference between the start and final volumes; that is the volume of the coin.

How do you work out the volume of displaced water from an anchor that lies on the bottom of the ocean?

volume after anchor was in water minus volume of water without anchor in it = the volume of the anchor

How do you work the formula of a sphere?

You replace the radius in the formula, and do the calculations, to obtain either the volume or the area, depending on what formula you are talking about.

How does water displacement work?

Water displacement works by calculating the volume of water displaced by submerging an object. This volume corresponds to the volume of the object that was submerged.

What is a sentence for volume?

Please turn the volume down a bit.Work out the volume of the water in the container.

Is there an easy way to work out the volume of water in liters of an oval water tank?

If the oval tank is standing with the water level parallel to the oval bottom then the surface area of the oval times the water depth is the volume. V = A x h Oval is an unprecise term. If you had said elliptical it would be easier knowing the major and minor axes. If the tank is lying down, or at any other angle than standing up, with the water surface NOT parallel to the oval bottom it becomes rather difficult.

If a cylinder water tank with volume of 137.85856 is pumped out at 36 cubit feet per min how long will it take to empty the tank?

A cubit equals 1.5 feet so a cubit foot is a measure of area in 2-dimensional space, not of volume. A pump cannot work at a rate of area - it needs to be measured in volume. Consequently, the question cannot be answered.

Why does the formula lwh work for finding the volume?

Because nothing else works.

Why does the formula for the volume of a sphere work?

Because when working out volumes the answer is given in cubic units and the radius in the formula for finding the volume of a sphere is cubed: Volume of a sphere in cubic units = 4/3*pi*radius3

What is the formula for calculating the volume in a horizontal tank?

The volume of a cylinder (with a radius of r and a length l ) in the horizontal position filled to a depth (d) can be calculated with the following formula:L(r2*(arcos((r-d)/r)) - (r-d)*sqrt(2rd-d2))Note: Calculator must be set to work in radians as opposed to degrees

What is the volume of an object if its mass is 13.5kg and volume is 900kgm-3?

The question cannot be answered because the Volume cannot be Kg/cubic metre. The Volume = (area) height. Do you mean 900Kg/cubic metre is the Density then you can work out the volume, from the the formula Density = Mass/volume rearrange the formula for Volume plug in the numbers and get the answer

50 liters of water is what volume in dimensions how do you work out size of tank to hold 50 liters of water?

A liter equals 1dm³ in volume. Since 50dm³ are 50000cm³, a cuboid with the dimensions 50cm * 50cm* 20cm would fit as well as a tube of 1m height and 25.23cm diameter.

How do you get rid of a smell in a fish tank?

If you haven't cleaned your fish tank recently, do so. That should work. If not then change the water or get a water filter.

How can you calculate the volume of an irregularly shaped object?

If the object in question is water proof, and small enough. You can measure the amount of displaced water when it is placed in a tank full of water, this may not work for a lot of things but it can help when attempting to measure some objects.

How does water get into carburetor?

Having water in the gas tank will work its way up to the carburetor.

How can you use displacement of water to measure the volume of an object?

You partly fill a graduated container with water. Measure the volume. Then gently immerse the object in the water and measure the volume again. The difference between the two measures is the volume of the object. However, this will work only for relatively small objects which cannot be damaged by immersion in water. For example, it will not work for measuring the volume of a sugar cube!

How do you work out the length width and height if all equal sides and you have the volume?

Use the volume formula length time width time height

How do you work out the volume of a sphere?

Using the radius, the formula is: V = 4/3(PI*r3)

Were do you put water for the heater on a 1999 reg corsa?

To make your heaters work, make sure you have water in the water tank under the bonnet. You cant miss it. I had that problem with a corsa sxi, I didnt have any water in the tank hense my heaters wouldn't work.

How do you work out the volume of water a fish tank holds in a 5 foot by 2 foot by 2foot tank?

60"x 24" x 23" = 33120 cu ins. 1 USgallon= 231 cu ins.. The tank will hold 143.3 US Gallons when filled to within 1 inch of the top.