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Q: What is the fraction 2 over negative 3 multiplied by negative 4 fifths?
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Related questions

What is seven and four fifths as an improper fraction?

seven and four fifths as an improper fraction is 39 over 5

Is a negative over a negative in a fraction the same as a negative fraction?


How do you change 2 fifths to an equivalent fraction?

4/10 Just pick any number and put it over itself and multiply. Example, here I chose 2. So, I multiplied 2 fifths by 2 over 2 and got 4 over 10.

What is a two fifths?

Two fifths is a fraction that looks like: 2/5. It represents 2 over 5. This is considered a "Proper Fraction".

What is the fraction 6 over 7 multiplied by the fraction 3 over 5?

17.347 or 7/10

What is 0.36 times 3 over 5?

0.36 multiplied by 3 fifths is 0.216.

Can negative 41 be written as a fraction?

Yes: negative 41 over 1, 41 over negative 1 or you can write 41 over 1 and put the negative sign to the left of the fraction bar

What is 0.8 in a fraction?

0.8 as a fraction is 8 over 10 or four-fifths

What is 8 over 25 as a fraction in words?

Eight twenty-fifths

What is 9 three fifths as an improper fraction?

48 over 5

What is the fraction equivalent of 16 over 40?

Two-fifths or 0.4

What is one fourth multiplied by negative one?

Anything multiplied by negative one is the same number with the opposite sign. -1 over 4

Is negative four fifths equivalent to negative four over negative five?

Yes the negatives cancel each other out

What is negative 7 over 8 minus 4 and 4 fifths?

Negative 7 over 8 minus 4 and 4 fifths = -227/40 or -527/40

35 percent as a simplified fraction?

35% as a simplified fraction is seven twenty-fifths, or seven over twenty-five.

What is negative 2 over 3 multiplied by 1?


What is the reciprocal of negative 13 over 8?

To get the reciprocal of a fraction, exchange the numerator and the denominator (the top and bottom parts). The reciprocal of a negative fraction is also negative.

What is the fraction 1 over 2 added to negative 1?

Negative 1 over 2

What is twenty over twenty-fifths as an equivalent fraction?

20/25 = 4/5

What is two divided by five in fraction form?

2 over 5 or 2 fifths

What is two and two fifths as an improper fraction?

12/5 or 12 over 5

What is the fraction 320 over 25 in a mixed number?

it would be 12 and four fifths

What is the improper fraction of 3 and 3 fifths?

As an improper fraction - it would be 18 fifths (18/5)

Write the fraction in lowest terms 24 30?

The fraction 24 over 30 is written in lowest form as four-fifths.

When eliminating a negative denominator do you multiply the fraction by the denominator or the opposite?

You always multiply by the denominator exactly to eliminate it. So 5 over -5 can be multiplied by -5 to get 5