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it's 1/4 if you want the fraction exactly half way between them.

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Q: What is the fraction between one sixth and two sixth?
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Is there a fraction between one sixth and one twelves?

There are infinitely many fractions between any two fractions.

What fraction of one foot is two inches?


Which fraction is larger one sixth or two fifths?

Two fifths is 140% more than one sixth.

What is an equivalent fraction of two and one sixth?


What is the equivalent fraction of 33 one third?

33 and one third percent= two sixth.

What is 1 sixths times 2?

Two would do one over six then multiply it by two over one,which is a whole fraction, to get your answer

What is sixth and two fifth as an improper fraction?


What is the equivalent fraction for two sixth?


What is the improper fraction for two and four sixth?

It is 16/6.

What are two equivalent fraction for four sixth?

the simplified fraction is 2/3 and another equivalent fraction is 8/12.

What are two positive fractions with a quotient of fivge-sixth?

Choose ANY fraction. Multiply 5/6 by that fraction to get the other fraction.

What is two and one half minus one third?

Expressed as a fraction in its lowest terms, 2 1/2 - 1/3 = 2 1/6, or two and one sixth.

What is one sixth to the power of two?

One sixth to the power of two yields 0.02777777777

What fraction is between one fourth and two fifths?

There are an infinite number of fractions between these two numbers

What is one sixth plus one sixth plus one third?

four-sixth or two-thirds

What is the least common denominator of one sixth?

You need at least two denominators to find something in common between them.

What plus what equals two-thirds?

1 third plus one third =============== There are many other fraction combinations which equal two-thirds. One, for example, is one-half plus one-sixth.

What single fraction equals two sixth?

2/6 = 1/3

What is the LCD of one sixth and two thirds?

A sixth.

What is one third take awayone sixth?

one third is equivalent to two sixths two sixths take away one sixth is one sixth

What fraction is between one half three fourths?

two fourths

What fraction is between one fouth and two fourths?


What is a fraction between one fourth and two fifths?


Five sixth plus one half fractions?

one and two sixth's

What is two and two-thirds divided by one and one-sixth?

In simplest terms, two and two-thirds divided by one and one-sixth = 16/7 or 22/7

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