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2.4 is two and four tenths; it could also be described as two and two fifths, or twelve fifths, which we can write as 12/5.

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Q: What is the fraction notation for 2.4?
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35.48 in fraction notation?

As a Proper Fraction: 35 24/25 As an Improper Fraction: 899/25

What is the fraction notation for 2.4 percent?

2.4 % = 2.4/100 = 24/1000

What is the fraction notation for 24 percent?

24% Convert into a decimal number .24 Convert into a fraction. 24/100 Reduce. 6/25

Fraction notation for 0.0109?

Fraction notation for 0.0109 is 109/10000

How do you convert to a fraction notation?

Convert 84 3/8 to fraction Notation

Give a fraction notation for amount of gas?

give fraction notation for the amount of gas in the tank

How do you convert a fraction to fractional notation?

Presumably, if you have a fraction it already is in "fractional notation". There is really nothing to convert.

What is the fraction notation for 88.8 percent?

The fraction notation for 88.8 percent (0.888) = 888/1000 = 111/125

What is 24 into fraction?

24 as a fraction is 24/1.

What is the fraction notation for 335?

what is the fraction equivilant to .335

How is 24 written as a fraction?

24 is an integer. As a fraction, it is 24/1.24 is an integer. As a fraction, it is 24/1.24 is an integer. As a fraction, it is 24/1.24 is an integer. As a fraction, it is 24/1.

What is the fraction notation of 2.769?

2.769 in fraction = 2769/1000

What is 24 as a fraction?

24 as a fraction = 24/1

How do you change a fraction to a decimal or percent if the fraction is not common?

Any kind of fraction becomes decimal notation if you divide the denominator into the numerator. Any decimal notation becomes a percent if you multiply it by 100.

Find fractional notation for 24 percent?

The fractional notation for 24 percent (0.24) = 24/100 = 6/25

What is 4 out of 24 as a fraction?

4 out of 24 = 4/24 or 1/6 as fraction

what is 24/48 as a equivalet fraction?

24/48 as a equivalet fraction = 0.5

What is a fraction notation?


What is 2.7 bar notation as a fraction?

2.7 as an improper fraction is 27/10

What is 24.05 as a decimal?

24.05 is written as a decimal. Scientific notation would be 2.405 x 101. The fraction would either be 24 1/20 or 4801/20.

What is 24 in expanded notation?

Expanded Notation of 24 = (2 x 10) + (4 x 1)

What is the fraction of 72 is 24?

The fraction of 72 that is 24 is 24/72 = (1×24)/(3×24) = 1/3.

What is an fraction way to write 24?

You can write 24 as the improper fraction 24/1.

What is 24 over 60 as a fraction?

24/60 is a fraction.

What is the fraction of notation of thirty three and one third?

The fraction form is 100/3.