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The fraction -0.001 is minus a thousandth.

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Q: What is the fraction of -0.001?
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What is .0001 as a fraction?

0.0001 as a fraction is 1/10000.

.0001 percent as a fraction?

0.0001% = 0.0001/100 = 1/1,000,000 = 1 millionth

A fraction length of 1 over 10000 of a meter convert this number to a decimal?

100 micrometer. = .1 millimeter = .0001 meter.

What is 0001?

0001 = 1

How do you change a large decimal with more than 10 numbers to a fraction?

it depends for example if its .0001 since it is in the tenthousandth place, you would write the fraction as 1/10000. then simplifiy it. if that doesnt help i tried sorry.

What is 30 times 0001?

30 * 0001 = 30

How do you write .0001 in word form?

.0001 or 0.0001 is one ten-thousandth.

What is the latest goal scored in NHL?

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What was the day on 01 January 0001?

01 January 0001 was a Saturday.

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How do you write one one-hundredth of one percent?


What is military time 0001?

0001 = 12:01 AM

What is 10 to the -4 power as a fraction?


Are kilograms and milligrams the same thing?

Yes because kilograms are .0001 of a gram and milligram is .0001 of a gram

Is .000001 amp of current better than .0001 amp of current?

No, it is less current than .0001.

What is 001 divided by 0001?


How do you write 0001?


What is .0001?


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What is one one-hundredth of a percent?

A percent is 1/100. So a hundredth of a percent is 1/100 x 1/100 which is 1/10000 = .0001

How many kg in 1g?


What is the value of micrometer?

.0001 meters