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One-fourth of twelve is equivalent to 3.

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Q: What is the fraction of one-fourth of 12?
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Related questions

What is a fraction equivalent to 12?

12 is an integer, not a fraction.

What is 12 percent as a fraction of 36?

12% as a fraction of 36 = 12/36

How do you put 12 in fraction form?

12 is an integer, not a fraction.

What is equal to 12 in fraction form?

12 is an integer, not a fraction.

What is 12 as a fraction of 30?

12 as a fraction of 30 = 12/30 or 2/5

What is .12 as a fraction?

.12 as a fraction is 12/100. In simplest form it is 3/25.

What is the second letter of a seven letter word meaning onefourth?

u as in quarter

What fraction is equivalent to 1 to 12?

In the form of a fraction, it is 1/12.

What is 12 percent as a fraction?

12% as a fraction is 3 over 25.

How do you change 12 over 25 to a fraction?

12/25 IS a fraction.

Fraction that is equivalent to 12?

It is simply 12/1 as an improper fraction

What is 4878.583 to a mixed fraction over 12?

4878.583 cannot be expressed as a fraction over 12 because 0.583 is not a fraction over 12.

What is the improper fraction of 12?

12 is an integer and so as an improper fraction, it can be expressed as 12/1.

What is the fraction and decimal of 12 percent?

The fraction is 3/25 and the decimal is .12

What is 21/12 as a reduced fraction?

21/12 as a reduced fraction = 1.75

What is 0.1212 reapiting in a fraction?

If you mean repeating '12' then it is 12/99 as a fraction

Is the radius of a circle onefourth the length of a diameter?

No. The radius is half of the diameter.

What is the fraction for 5 over 12?

5 over 12 = 5/12 in fraction

12 percent as an decimanl and fraction?

12% in decimal is as written as 0.12 and 12/100 in fraction form.

12 as a fraction simplest form?

Twelve as a fraction in simplest for is either 12/1 or just 12.

What is number 12 as a fraction?

12 as a fraction = 12/1

What is 12 12 as a fraction?

12/12 = 1.

What is the fraction 12 up 125?

The fraction is 12/125. The two numbers are coprime and so the fraction cannot be simplified.

Why is 12 in a fraction?

It is not in a fraction: it is written as an integer!

Is 12 over 12 an improper fraction?

12 over 12 is equivalent to 1. This is not a fraction, but an integer.

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