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Q: What is the fraction used to apprximate pi?
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How can you solve the circumference of a circle if pi has been used as a fraction?

You can either 1)You can divide out the fraction used for pi then multiply by the diameter or 2)Put the diameter over 1 then multiply across with the fraction used for pi.

What are the two approximations that used for Pi fraction and decimal?

The pi decimal is 3.14 and the fraction is 22/7

When do you use the fraction form for pi?

While there is no fraction form for pi, 22/7 is an approximation of pi that can be used for a rough calculation .

What fraction is the equivalent of pi?

pi is irrational so there can be no fraction that is equivalent. 22/7 is often used as a simple approximation.

What fraction is often used in place of 3.14?

3.14 is an approximation of the number pi. The number pi is also often approximated by the fraction 22/7.

What fraction is sometimes used as an approximation of pi?

It is: 22/7

What is a fraction that is sometimes used to approximate pi?


What fraction is most commonly used for pi?


What fraction is similar to pi?

The equivalency of Pi in a fraction is 22/7.

What is the equivalent fraction for pi?

pi is an irrational number and so there is no equivalent fraction.

What are some examples of a fraction but not a rational number?

A rational number is a fraction with an integer in the numerator, and a non-zero integer in the denominator. If you consider pi/2, pi/3, pi/4 (common 'fractions' of pi used in trigonometry) to be 'fractions', then these are not rational numbers.

What is pi in the form of a fraction?

The equivalent fraction for Pi is 22/7 or 31/7