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1/25 Hz

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Q: What is the frequency of a wave that has a period of 25 seconds?
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A wave has a period of 4.0 seconds the frequency of this wave is?

frequecy and period have an indirect relationship F=1/4s =.25 Hertz

The period of a mechanical wave is 4 seconds What is the frequency of the wave?

1/4 or .25 F hope this helps

If a waves frequency is 25 hz what is its period?

Period = 1 / (frequency) = 0.04 second

What is the frequency of 25 waves in 2 seconds?


25 waves in 2 seconds what is the frequency?


What does it mean to say that ''the frequency of a wave is 25 hertz''?

It means the the wave has a speed of 25 vibrations per second

Is ultrasonic wave longitudinal or transverse?

Definitely ultrasonic wave is longitudinal in nature. But the frequency is beyond human's hearing range. The frequency is higher than 25 kHz

If 25 waves are produced in 20 seconds what will be the frequecy?

25 waves are produced in 20 seconds , so 25 ÷ 20 = 1.25 waves in 1 second ... so the Frequency is 1.25 Hz

What is the wavelength of a wave with a frequency of 5 Hz and a speed of 25 M's?

Simply using the relation wavelength = velocity / frequency So required wavelength = 25/5 = 5 m

What does it mean to say that the frequency of a wave is 25 hertz?

It means that the wave makes 25 complete cycles per second. Each up and down pass together is a cycle, so there are 25 sets of them in a second.

What is the speed of a wave with the frequency of 25 hertz and a wave length of 5 meters?

The speed of the wave c = frequency f times wavelength lambda. c = 25 times 5 = 125 m/s, whatever that medium on what planet may be. Some formulas: Scroll down to related links and look at "Wavelength".

If a wave travels down the length of a 25-meter rope in 5.0 seconds The speed of the wave is?

5 metres per second. V (velocity) = Distance/Time = 25/5 = 5

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