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0.17 Hz

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Q: What is the frequency of a wave with a period of 6 seconds?
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What are the frequency and period of a wave if 6 peaks pass in 2 seconds?

The frequency is 6 per 2 seconds = 3 Hz. The period is the reciprocal of the frequency = 1/3 second.

What is the wave frequency of a periodic wave of 6 s?

Frequency = 1 / (period) = 1/6th Hz

What is the wave frequency in hertz of 6 waves in 30 seconds?


What is the speed of a wave 30 meters long with a period of 5 seconds?

Speed = (wavelength) times (frequency) = (wavelength) divided by (period) = 30/5 = 6 meters per second

A water wave has a frequency of 6 Hz and a wavelength of 3 m What is the period of these waves and What is the wave velocity?

Period = 1 / (frequency) = 1 / 6th of a second = [166 and 2/3] millisecondsSpeed = (wavelength) x (frequency) = 6 x 3 = [18] meters per second

An oscilloscope shows a wave repeating every 27 microseconds. What is the frequency of the wave?

Frequency = reciprocal of (' 1 ' divided by) the period = 1 / (27 x 10-6) = 37,037.037 Hz (rounded)

If the period of a certain sine wave is 2.5 ms what is its frequency?

The definiton of period (T) Is T = 1/f ; Therefore if you know that the period is 2.5 microseconds (=2.5 x 10-6) then the frequency is f=1/(2.5x10-6)= 4 x 105 Hz

The frequency of a certain wave is 2 MHzWhat is its period?

Frequency and period are just reciprocals of each other, independent of wavelength, speed, and things like that. Period = 1 / (frequency) = 1 / (2 x 106) = 0.5 x 10-6 = 1/2 microsecond

A wave has a wave speed of 3.0 ms and a frequency of 0.5 Hz what is the wavelength?

The speed of a wave is the product of its frequency and its wavelength - so you simply need to divide the speed by the frequency.

What is the frequency of 6 waves that reach the shore in 30 seconds?

6/30 seconds = 1/5 seconds = 0.2 Hz.

What is the length of an elcetromagnetic wave that has a frequency of 6 kHz?

Wavelength = (wave speed) / (frequency) = (299,792,458)/(6,000) = 49.965 kilometers(in vacuum, rounded)

What is the velocityof a wave with a frequency of 6 Hz and a wave length of 2m?

Speed of propagation v= (wavelength) x (frequency) = 2 x 6 = 12 m/sec

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