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If only there were an equation that related the speed of EM waves, wavelength, and frequency...


Make sure and keep your units straight.

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Q: What is the frequency of an EM wave that has a wavelength of 1 mm?
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If a wave has a wavelength of 10 mm and a frequency of 5.0 hertz what is the speed?

Wavelength= 10 mm. Frequency= 5.0 hertz. Speed= 50 mm/second (wavelength x frequency)

What is the speed of a wave with a wavelength of MM and a frequency of Hz?

The speed of a wave is equal to the product of its wavelength and its frequency. (If you want to have the speed in meters/second, convert the wavelength to meters first.)

A wave has a wavelength of 15 mm and a frequency of 4.0 hertz What is its speed?

60 mm/s

What is the frequency of light whose wavelength is 633 mm?

Speed (of a wave) = frequency x wavelengthTherefore, you have to: * Convert the wavelength to meters. * Divide the speed of light - which is 300 million meters/second - by this wavelength. The answer will be in Hz.

What is the minimum wavelength of a radio wave?

Extra-low frequency radio waves can have wavelengths as long as 3.5 miles or more. The shortest wavelength is around 1 mm.

What is the frequency of light traveling in a vacuum with a wavelength of 1 mm?

Frequency = speed / wavelength = 3 x 108/0.001 = 300 GHz . (rounded)Most folks would call that a "millimeter wave" or a "darnedshort microwave", not light. It's certainly not visible.

What is the wavelength and frequency for radio waves?

The wavelength is greater than 300E6/300E9 = 1 mm and the frequency is less than about 300 Gigacycles.

What is the wavelength of microwave radiation when the frequency is 6.00x1010?

Electromagnetic wavelength = speed/frequency = 3 x 108/6 x 1010 = 5 mm

What is the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation having a frequency of 5.00X10 12 Hz?

Frequency of electromagnetic radiation = (speed of light) / (wavelength) Speed of light in vacuum = 300,000,000 meters/sec (rounded) Frequency = (300,000,000 meters/sec) / (5 x 10-6 cm) = (3 x 108 m/s) / (5 x 10-8 m) = 0.6 x 1016 = 6 x 1015 Hz.

What is the period of a wave with a wave speed of 50 meters per second and a wavelength of 10 milimeters?

Period = Wavelength/Speed = 10mm/50,000 mm/s = 1/5000 s or 0.0002 seconds

A harmonic wave travels in a wire with amplitude 4 point 83 mm wavelength 2 point 51 m and frequency 573 Hz answer in units of m per s what is the speed with which the wave travels?

1/2.51 =.4 573/.4=1432.5(that is ur answer)

What is the speed of a wavelength of 10mmand a frequency of 5.0Hz?

Apply c = v l v -frequency = 5 Hz l - wavelength = 10 mm or 10^-3 m So c = 5*10^-3 m/s