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Q: What is the function of Hand trowel?
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What is the rage of a cosine function?

I was not aware that the cosine function was in fashion!The range, on the other hand, is [-1, 1].

How many square ft does a bag of thinset cover?

To answer this question you will need to know the size trowel you need and also the number of pounds in a bag. A 50 lb bag using a 1/4" x 1/4" square notch trowel, you are going to expect about 80 - 90 sq ft. The back of the bag should give you the break down for other sizes.

Condition for the continuity and differentiablity of a function?

An intuitive answer (NOTE: this is far from precise!) A function is continuous if you can trace its graph without lifting your pencil from the page. If, additionally, it is smooth everywhere without any jagged edges or abrupt corners, then it is differentiable. It is not possible for a function to be differentiable but not continuous. On the other hand, plenty of functions are continuous without being differentiable.

Which hand on a clock is the hour hand?

The short one Yes, the hour hand is traditionally shorter than the minute hand. However, the hour hand is known as the BIG hand because an hour is bigger than a minute. That means the minute hand is known as the LITTLE hand since a minute is LITTLE when compared to an hour. This is the historical explanation of the labels for the two hands, based on function an expressed in form by the hour hand having a broader, albeit shorter, design than the minute hand which is longer but narrower. Hour = bigger than minute = the BIG hand Minute = smaller than hour = the LITTLE hand

Is the relation a function?

Not every relation is a function. But every function is a relation. Function is just a part of relation.