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Q: What is the game where shapes fall and you have twist them to put them together?
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What is that math game where you build things with different shapes?

The only one I know of is "HEX" where hexagonal tiles are fitted together, but the colours of their edges must match their neighbours. If the "things" are only 2 dimensional (flat), then you are probably thinking of "tessellations" where regular geometric shapes are placed together to fill a complete area without leaving an empty space; very easily done with triangles, rectangles, hexagon, but not a pentagon (5 sided). Many examples can be seen in tiling patterns. In fact the word "tesserae" means "tiles", and very small pieces of marble or other stones can be laid on the floor of a Roman villa or temple to produce a picture. If you are talking about 3D shapes fitting together the easiest example is a cube. That's why Oxos fit so well inside their box. Brick walls use rectangular solids (in mathematics "cuboids"). Triangular prisms will fit too. Triangular pyramids have to be carefully designed if they are to fit together with no empty spaces between.

What is Q3 2010?

The game you mentioned in the question will be out in either the end of summer or in fall of this year.I hope that I helped you a bit.

What game has a clear plastic tower and has plastic sticks with marbles on them and you either try to get or prevent the marbles to fall I forget which?

Kerplunk ! I love that game. and you try to get as many sticks out without getting marbles and if you do try not to get to much because if you have the most at the end of the game you lose.

How does geometry relate to football?

It relates because you can think about how weak or soft to kick the ball to get it to a certain place at a certain time. Also, you have to think about how hard to throw the ball to get it to a certain receiver.

What is math not used in?

You use maths in everything. As it is used in quantity, structure, space, change, patterns, counting, calculation, mesurement, shapes, motion, written records, debates, natural science, engineering, medicine, social sciences, statistics, game theory, trading, land measurement, painting, weaving, taxation, astronomy and many more others.

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Super stacker 2 walkthrough?

this game is good but it gets hard yot have to stack shapes in the right place make sure they dont fall or you loose the game when you have unlocked all levels there is a bounus mode that says on on but you have to complete it good luck with it everyone