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The Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of 76, 52, and 16 is 4.

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Q: What is the gcf of each set of numbers 16 52 76?
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How can the GCF of 16 and 42 be less than 16?

The GCF of any set of numbers must be less than or equal to the smallest of the numbers. It is the greatest factor that goes into each of the set of numbers and so cannot be greater than any of them.

Is the GCF and LCM of 16 and 24 the same value?

No. The GCF and LCM of a set of numbers will be the same only if all the numbers in the set a re the same.

What are three numbers whose GCF is 6 and 16 and 25?

A set of numbers can only have one GCF. 6, 12 and 18 have a GCF of 6. 16, 32 and 48 have a GCF of 16. 25, 50 and 75 have a GCF of 25. The GCF of 6, 16 and 25 is 1.

What is the greatest common factor of 16 18 and 30?

The GCF of 16, 18, and 30 is 2. The GCF of the set can't be any greater than the smallest difference between two numbers in the set. The difference between 16 and 18 is 2, and so that's the highest possible GCF. Noting that each number in the set is even, we then know that the GCF is, in fact, 2.The GCF is 2.

What is a set of three numbers that have a GCF of 16?

16, 32 and 48 have a GCF of 16. Whether you added or multiplied to get them doesn't make much difference.

Why a set of three numbers that have a gcf of 16. What procedure did you use to and 64257nd your answer?

16, 32, 48 I used common sense.

What is the GCF of the numbers in the expression (32 plus 16) is?

The GCF of 16 and 32 is 16.

What are the GCF numbers for 16?

gcf (greatest common factor) is usually calculated for two (or more) numbers, not for a single number.

What pair of numbers is GCF of 12 and 16?

The GCF is a single number so there cannot be any pair of numbers in the answer.

Can the gcf of 16 be less than 16 explain?

There is no GCF of 16. You need at least two numbers to find a GCF. The GCF of something and 16 could possibly be less than 16.

Gcf of 16?

You need at least two numbers to find a GCF.

What is a GCF of 16?

You need at least two numbers to find a GCF.

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