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The GCM is infinite.

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the gcm of 55 and 38?
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How many times will 38 go into 55?

1.45 times or 1 with remainder 17.

What is 38 percent of 55?

38% of 55 is 20.9

What is the GCM of 55 and 33?

The greatest common multiple of any set of integers is infinite.

What is the simplest form of 38 over 55?

38/55 is in its simplest form.

What is the least common multiple of 38 and 55?

The LCM of 38 and 55 is 2090.

What is the GCM of 55 132 and 143?

The greatest common multiple of any set of integers is infinite.

What is 190 over 275 in simplest form?

190/275 = 38/55

What percentage is 38 of 55?

69.09%% rate:= 38/55 * 100%= 0.6909 * 100%= 69.09%

What is 55-17?


What is halfway between between 55 and 21?

Add 55 and 21, then divide by 2 = 38

Can 38 over 55 be reduced?

There are no common factors of 38 and 55 except 1, so the answer is no it can't be reduced.

How long does it take to drive 38 miles at 55 mph?

38/55 = 0.69 hours = about 41.5 minutes

What is 55 subtract negative 17?


Where can I find a picture of marlin 38-55?

The two old model Marlins in 38-55 were the 1881 & 1893. They recently re-introduced the 38-55 in a Marlin for cowboy action shooting. Try for pictures.

What is 55 take away seventeen?


What size is a poster?

38" x 55"

Is there a buffalo bill commemorative in 38-55?


What is the GCM of 18 and 42?

GCM(18, 42) = 6

What is the GCM of 7 and 13?

There can be no GCM (Greatest Common Multiple). Suppose a GCM exists and suppose it is x. That is, x is the GCM of 7 and 13, then 2x is a multiple of both 7 and 13 and is greater than x. This contradicts the statement that x is the GCM. So x cannot be the GCM.

What is the gcm for 9 and 12?

The gcm for 9 and 12 would be 3. :)

When was GCM Resources created?

GCM Resources was created in 2003-09.

What is the GCM of 64 and 80?

The GCM of any set of numbers is infinite.

What is the difference between modern .38-40 and .38-55 Winchester rifle cartridges?

Two totally different, unrelated cartridges. The 38-40 is basically a handgun cartridge, the .38-55 is a bottle necked rifle cartridge.

What 55.38 as a mixed fraction?

55 and 38/100

What is the gcm of 10 and 300?

There can be no GCM since given any number with a claim to being a GCM, twice that number will be greater and it will be a common multiple.