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A fraction is a rational number that can be converted into a decimal or vice versa

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Q: What is the general rule of fraction?
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What is the general rule for writing a mixed number as a imprper fraction?

As an improper fraction the numerator will be greater than the denominator or it will be a 'top heavy' fraction

What is a general rule for multiplying fractions and whole numbers?

A general rule for multiplying fractions: You shall not multiply the denominator by the whole number,only the numerator.Another rule is you shall make the whole number as a fraction by putting the whole number as the numerator and 1 as the denominator before multiplying it.

What is the rule for zero as the numerator in a fraction?

The rule is if the numerator is zero than the value of the fraction is zero.

What is a general rule?

A general rule is an unstated rule that is widely accepted. Morals are general rules that are not taught but widely accepted.

What is the general rule for writing a mixed number as an improper fraction?

First you multiply the whole number by the denominator then add the numerator to the product then put the answer over the denominator

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what is the general rule for how charged objects interact

What is refund fraction?

it's the rule of 78s

Can a decimal or fraction be an integer?

Integers can be implied decimals or fractions. 3 is the same as 3.0 3 is the same as 3/1 As a general rule, decimals and fractions are distinct from integers.

What is the rule for fraction by fraction?

It is called equivalent fractions 1\2 1/4 1/8

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