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lines of symmetry

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Q: What is the geometric term for when a shape or design can be folded along a line with two identical sides?
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What geometric form do rotations move points along?

A circle.

What shape is created when a circle is folded along the diameter?

A semi-circle

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If a figure can be folded along a line so that both parts match perfectly what is it called?

Is a line of symmetry

Is it possible for two identical waves travelling in the soame direction along a string to give rise to a stationary wave?

No, it is not possible. For a stationary wave, two identical waves should travel in opposite direction along a string.

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What is a symmetric figure?

A shape that when you draw a line on the shape and cut along the line you get two identical shapes. A circle is an example.

What kind of shape has if its two parts match exactly when folded along line?

If I understand your question, the shape would be "geometrical"

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