What is the geometry of SO2Cl2?

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: What is the geometry of SO2Cl2?
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Is SO2Cl2 polar or nonpolar?

Yes, So2Cl2 is polar. It can be seen in its tetrahedral geometry that its molecules are not directly opposite one another, so they can have dipole moments.

Molecular geometry of SO2Cl2?

Tetrahedral. It is because in this molecular the central atom S have four bonds and no lone pairs. So the shape must and must be what I said.

What are the names of SOCl2 SO2Cl2 and SCl2?

SO2CL2-sulfuryl chloride or sulphur oxy chloride

What is the chemical formula of sulphuryl chloride?

Formula: SO2Cl2

How many lone pairs are there in the S atom in SO2Cl2?

There are zero pair

What are the names for SOCl2 SO2Cl2 and SCl2?

the name of socl2 is thionyl chloride

What is the hybridization about the central atom in OCl2?

sp3d bond angle(s): 180

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