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PE = w*h = 600*25 = 15000 joules or 1.5 kJ

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Q: What is the gravitational potential energy of a person with a weight of 600 N that is standing on a ledge that is 25 m up on the air?
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Does a person standing still on a hill have potential energy and how?

Yes, a person standing still on a hill does have potential energy. The person has gravitational potential energy due to their elevated position on the hill. This potential energy can be converted into kinetic energy if the person moves downhill.

What form of potential energy does a person blowing a vuvuzela have?

chemical potential energy

What energy is used when a person is falling from a building?

Gravitational potential energy is converted into kinetic energy as a person falls from a building. As the person falls, the potential energy decreases while the kinetic energy increases due to the acceleration of gravity.

When would a person going down a hill have the most potential energy?

A person going down a hill will have the most potential energy at the top of the hill, where the gravitational potential energy is highest due to the greater height. As the person descends the hill, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy.

What energy transformation happens when a person lifts a chair?

You are using chemical energy produced in your muscles to lift a weight against gravity, which means the weight gains gravitational potential energy

What kind of energy exists when a person jumps down a building?

his potential energy from standing on the building turns to kenetic energy when he is falling

What kind of energy is found in monkey bars?

The energy found in monkey bars is potential energy, specifically gravitational potential energy. As a person climbs up the monkey bars, their body gains height and stores potential energy that can be converted into kinetic energy as they descend.

What is the science term for potential?

It is the stored energy. Like for example, a person was standing still. The answer is basically the energy inside matter that is staying still.

When a person climbs stairs what form of energy is being converted into gravitational potential energy?

Energy stored in your muscles, which ultimately comes from the food you eat.

A person is standing with a drawn bow and arrow. He is aiming it at a bull's-eye. What type of energy is being described?

The energy in the drawn bow is elastic energy, a type of potential energy.

A 60.0 kg person walks from the ground floor to the roof of a 74.8 m tall building. How much gravitational potential energy does this person have at the top of the building?

Just use the formula for gravitational potential energy:GPE = mgh In the units used, gravity is approximately 9.8 newton/kilogram.

What sport involves transforming gravitational potential energy into elastic energy?

Pole vaulting involves transforming gravitational potential energy into elastic energy. The athlete uses a pole to vault themselves over a bar by bending the pole and storing elastic energy, which propels them upwards as the pole straightens.