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Probably the cubic megaparsec.

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Q: What is the greatest customary unit to measure capacity?
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What customary unit would measure the capacity of a drinking glass?


What is an appropriate customary unit of measure for the capacity of a shampoo bottle?

fluid ounce

Which customary unit would most likely be used to measure the capacity of a water tower?


What customary unit can measure a telephone?


Are grams a unit of measure from the customary system?


What kind of customary unit of capacity is for a swimming pool?

yards, feet

What is the customary unit Use to measure capacity of a bathtub?

For most of the world, it's probably in Liter, a standard unit to measure capacity or space or volume. In the US, gallon is the stand for fluid capacity, but cubic feet is often used for space capacity.

What countries still use custamary units of measurement?

Definition of Customary System of MeasurementThe Customary System of Measurement is derived from the earlier English system of measurement.More about Customary System of MeasurementIn customary measurement system length, capacity, weight, and temperature are measured. Units for length: inches, feet, yards, and milesUnits for capacity: cups, pints, quarts, and gallonsUnits for weight: ounces, pounds, and tonsUnits for temperature: degrees FahrenheitExamples of Customary System of MeasurementThe customary unit that is used to measure the weight of a pack of potato chips is ounce.The customary unit that is used to measure the quantity of water in a tank is gallon.Solved Example on Customary System of MeasurementWhich one of these is a reasonable customary unit to measure the height of a horse?Choices:A. centimeterB. literC. footD. gramCorrect Answer: CSolution:Step 1: A foot is the customary unit used to measure the height of a horse.Related Terms for Customary System of MeasurementCapacityEnglish SystemLengthMeasureTemperatureWeight

What is the best customary unit to measure the weight of a pencil?

The ounce.

What customary unit do you use to measure the height of the wall?


What customary unit would you use to measure time?


Is gallons metric or customary?

Gallons are an Imperial unit of measure.