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There is none. The number of sides on the bases can always be increased reuslting in an increase in the number of lateral faces. The number of vertices and edges will also increase so there can be no greatest number.

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Q: What is the greatest number of prism can have?
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What is the greatest number of faces on a prism?

The greatest number of sides can be any amount of sides.

What is the greatest number of faces a prism can have?

There is no mathematical limit.

What vessels have the greatest overal cross section?

cone, cylinder, rectangular prism, square pyramid and triangular prism

What is the number of faces vertices and edges of a rectangular prism and a rectangular pyramid?

for any prism , number of ___ + number of vertices = number of edges + ___

Which statement is true about the number of edges of any prism?

It is three times the number of sides on a base of the prism.

What is the number of faces a hexagonal prism?

There are eight faces on a hexagonal prism.

What is the greatest number of 1 foot unit cubes that will fit into a rectangular prism that is 5 feet tall 3 feet long and 4 feet wide?

The answer is 3.

What is the difference in the number of faces in a triangular prism and a rectangular prism?

The differnence is that a triangular prism has 5 faces and and rectangular prism had 4 faces.

How many number of edges in rectangular prism?

There are twelve edges in a rectangular prism.

What is the least amount of bases a prism can have?

A prism *always* has 2 bases. In case you meant "faces" instead of "bases", the prism with the smallest number of faces is the triangular prism - which has 5 faces. If there were any fewer number of faces, the prism which become a two dimensional object.

What is the number of faces in a prism which has 16 vertices?

A prism with 16 vertices must be an octagonal prism and so has 10 faces.

What is the number of curved surfaces in a hexagonal prism?

a hexagonal prism has 0 curved surfaces