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Type:MammalDiet:HerbivoreSize:23 in (58 cm)Weight:8.75 lbs (4 kg)Protection status:EndangeredSize relative to a 6-ft (2-m) man i hope that answers you question!

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Q: What is the height and length and weight of a sloth?
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What is the height length and weight of a three toed sloth?

Type:MammalDiet:HerbivoreSize:23 in (58 cm)Weight:8.75 lbs (4 kg)Protection status:EndangeredSize relative to a 6-ft (2-m) man i hope that answers you question!

What is the approximate length and weight of the spectacled bear?

* Height: 30 inches * Weight: 175-275 pounds * Length: 51-75 inches (A female bear and male bear are different in height, weight, and length.)

What is the height length and weight?

Height is how tall something is. Length is how long something is. Weight is how much something weighs/How heavy something is.

What is the weight length and height of a roadrunner?

weight 8-24 oz. length 20-24 inches height 10-12"

What can be measured but has no length width or height?

The temperature The time Weight

What is the height weight and length of male and female gray wolves?

Male gray wolf: weight is 44 - 157 lbs. height is 2- 2.5 feet tall (shoulder height) length 3 to 5 feet. Female gray wolf: weight is 40 - 120 lbs. height and length are a few inches smaller.

What is the height length and width of the African civil war memorial?

Height is 24" Weight is 2000 lbs and length is 24'

What is the formula for finding volume if you have the height weight and length?

Volume for a rectangular or square prism= length x height x width

What is the weight of a triangle?

depends on height length density...

What is the density of drywall?

Weigh the material in pounds. Then measure the length, width and height. Do this in feet. Calculate the volume by multiplying length x width x height = Volume. Volume = length x width x height Divide the weight by the volume: Weight / Volume Density = Weight / Volume Your density is in units of lbs per cubic foot

What are the characteristics of simple pendulum?

there are three, height, weight, and length

What is a measuring wheel?

It is spun and gives you the weight or height or length.

What are 3 things you can measure?

Height, Length, Width, Weight,

What is determined by multiplying length by weight by height?

i don't believe anything can be determined with that formula. if you're talking about length, WIDTH, and height, that's area.

What are some examples of quantitative measurements?

Length, height, volume, density, mass, weight, etc... how would i use length and height to make two models

What is the tigers weight length height?


What is the komodo dragons height and weight?

The Komodo dragon weight is 150lbs and the length is about 6 Ft long

Is volume length times weight times height?

No, there is confusion here over similar words. Volume = length times width times height.

If you were given the length width and weight of an object could you find the volume of the object?

No. You need the length, width and height. If you had weight but not height, you would need the density (or the specific gravity). Strictly speaking, you need mass, not weight because with weight you would also need the accelaration due to gravity.

What is a peacocks height?

Weight about peahen Almost 3.5 kg and length 90 cm height about peacock Almost 4.5 kg and length 1.90 m

How much does a sloth eat?

Sloths have been known to eat a third of their body weight so depends on the weight of the sloth.

What are the twin towers dimensions?

i Need Length, Width, Height, weight ect

What is a normal flying squirrels length height and weight?

1-2 lbs

What is the male camel's length and weight?

the height is 7 or 8 feet tall

What is the length of a sloth?

43 inches.