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46 inches is 46 inches tall. If you would like it converted to some other unit of measure, please specify.

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Q: What is the height of 46 inches?
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Average height of 6 year old boy?

46 inches

How big is a frog leap?

A frogs leap is about 69er(sex move) inches far, also its height is 46 inches

Which horse breed can be no taller than 46 in order to be registered?

There is no horse breed with a maximum height of 46 inches (11. hands 2 inches)but there are sections of breeds that have minimum and maximum heights. The Welsh breed is a good example. As stated there is no height limit for 46 inches. But several breed associations do impose height limits. Such as the American Miniature horse Registry. Mini's must not be over 38 inches to be registered. Shetland pony's are another, they have a max height limit of 42 inches (10.2 hands).

What is the average height of a kindergarten girl?

3 feet 8 inches and for weight 46 pounds

How wide is 46 inches diameter?

46 inches

How big and long do tabby cats get?

about 23-25 centimeters, 9-10 inches in height and 46 centimeters, 18 inches in length.

What 46 inches equals?

46 inches is 116.84 centimeters.

What is 46 inches in to cm?

46 inches = 116.84 centimeters.

What is 46 meters in inches?

46 meters = about 1,810 inches.

How many cm in 46 inches?

46 inches = 116.84 centimeters.

How many cm is 46 inches?

46 inches = 116.84 centimeters

How much is 46 centimeters in inches?

46 centimeters is 18.11 inches.

How many inches in 46 centimeters?

46 centimeters = 18.1102362 inches.

How inches equals 46 cm?

46 centimeters = 18.11 inches

How big is 46 cm in inches?

46 cm = 18.1 inches

How many centimeters in 46 inches?

46 inches=116.84 centimeters

How much centimeters is 46 inches?

46 inches = 116.84 cm

How man cm is 46 inches?

46 inches = 116.84 cm.

What is 46 inches in yards?

36 inches = 1 yard 46 inches = 1yard 10inches

How much does a 7 year old weigh?

It varies because weight is based on height and body composition, but if his or her height ranges from 42 inches to 49 inches, they should weigh about 46 pounds to 60 pounds.

How many inches is the Statue of Liberty?

The statue has a height of 151 ft or 1812 inches (46 m), but with the pedestal and foundation, it is 305 ft or 3660 inches (93 m) tall.

How many inches are there in 46 yards?

There are 36 inches in one yard. therefore, 46 yards is equal to 46 x 36 = 1656 inches.

What is the height of a cone that has a slant height of 16 inches and a radius of 6 inches?

The height is 14.83 inches.

What is 46 inches in feet and inches?

3 feet 10 inches 12 + 12 + 12 + 10 = 46

How many inches are in 46 feet?

well 12 inches in a foot 46 feet so 12 * 46 = 552