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Height of building/105 = 6/14

Multiply both sides by 105:

Height = 630/14

Height = 45 feet

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Q: What is the height of a building that cast a 105' shadow when a 6' man casts a 14' shadow?
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If your building casts a 280 ft shadow how tall is the building?

That varies depending on the height of the sun, whether the shadow is cast on a sloping surface and so forth.

If a tree 17 feet tall casts a shadow 12 feet long how high is a building that casts a shadow 19 feet long?

To cast a 19 foot shadow the building would have to be 26.91 feet tall. Each foot of building/tree casts 8.47 inches of shadow.

How tall is a man that casts a shadow at the same time a 40 ft building casts a 60 ft shadow?

If the building casts a shadow, then the sun is out, and any man who is not standing in theshadow of the building will cast a shadow of his own, no matter how short or tall he may be.(If you had told us the length of the man's shadow, it would have been a completely differentquestion, and we could have had a completely different answer to offer in response.)

What is the height in feet of a flagpole which casts a 6-foot shadow when a 6-foot man cast a 3-foot shadow?

Using trigonometry its height is 12 feet

A yard stick casts a shadow that is 24in longA street sign at the same time cast a shadow that is 72in longwhat is the height of the street sign?

3 yards in height

Measure the height of building 6 ft pole in shadow of building and covers shadow of building distance between pole and building 182ft pole cast shadow of 5.25ft how tall is building?

208 ft pole

How tall is a flagpole that casts a shadow of 35 feet long with a man 6 feet tall who cast a shadow of 8 feet long?

The height of the flagpolle is 26.25 feet

How tall would a house be that casts a 18 feet long shadow?

That all depends upon what time of day the shadow was cast. For example, at straight up noon, even a very tall building wouldn't cast much of a shadow, but at sunrise or sunset, even a tiny building might cast an 18 foot long shadow, or even longer.

A 3 foot pole casts a 6 foot shadow A 4 foot pole casts an 8 foot shadow Use a linear equation to predict the length of a shadow cast by a 6 foot pole?

Shadow lengths are proportional to the heights of objects casting the shadows. Therefore, calling the shadow length l, the height h, and the proportionality constant k, l = kh. (The intercept is 0 because an object with no height casts no shadow.) Therefore, in this instance k = l/h = 6/3 or 8/4 = 2. then l(6) = 2 X 6 = 12 feet.

What actors and actresses appeared in As the Sun Casts No Shadow - 2007?

The cast of As the Sun Casts No Shadow - 2007 includes: Doug Mawer as Leo Jason Ogden as Jack

A 60-foot -tall flagpole casts a 42-foot long shadowat the same time of daywhat would be the length of a shadow cast by an 18-foot-tall building?

The lenght of the shadow will be 12.6 ft

Does a street sign cast a shadow because light is shining on it at an angle?

An object casts a shadow whenever it is illuminated. It really has nothing to do with the angle. Regardless of the angle, it will cast a shadow. The LENGTH of the shadow it casts, however, is dependent upon the angle at which the light strikes the object. A stop sign will cast a very narrow shadow when the sun is directly overhead, for example, but will cast a very long one at sunrise or sunset.