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3 meters

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Q: What is the height of a classroom ceiling in millimeters?
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What is the standard classroom ceiling height?

There is no set standards

What SI unit would best be used to express the height of your classroom ceiling?

Meters works well, so do centimeters

An object is located 51 millimeters from a diverging lens the object has a height of 13 millimeters and the image height is 3.5 millimeters how far of the lens is?

13.7 millimeters

If the height of a mountain is 6384 meters What is the height in millimeters?

1 meter = 1,000 millimeters 2 meters = 2,000 millimeters 3 meters = 3,000 millimeters . . . 6,384 meters = 6,384,000 millimeters

What is the average room height of a factory?

Average ceiling height

What is exact distance of a floor to ceiling?

Ceiling height varies, 8'3" and up

Is the Elmo HV-5100XG Overhead Projector suitable for classroom use?

The Elmo is great for classroom use, especially mounted on the ceiling.

What is the height of a classroom in meters?


What is the height of a cylinder with 1000 cubic millimeters in volume and radius of 4 millimeters?

Height = 1000/(pi*42) = 19.89436769 mm

The height of a 5 foot 10 inch man in millimeters?

1,676.4 millimeters.

What is standard ceiling heights in a home in Virginia?

The standard ceiling height is 8 feet.

Average height of living room ceiling?

The average height of a living room ceiling is 8' or 9'. People often add a tray in the ceiling to make the ceiling height in that area 1' higher. The average of course depends on the budget of the home. A more expensive luxurious house will obviously have higher ceilings.