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The answer depends on the piece of paper. There are different heights for newspaper, legal paper, A4, foolscap etc.

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Q: What is the height of a piece of paper?
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How tall is 14352 pieces of paper?

Depends on the height of each piece of paper.

Does the area of a piece of paper change if you change the height and radius?


What is the height and width of an A5 piece of paper?

The Answer is 21cm on the Hieght and 14.8 on the width

What unit in the metric system would you use to measure the height of a piece of paper?


What is the height and width of a normal piece of paper lettter-size?

8 and 1/2 by 11

Is a square the same shape as a cube?

No. The square is all on one flat surface, like a piece of paper, but a cube has height off of the paper. When you set the cube down on the piece of paper, the place where it touches the paper is a square, but there's a lot more to it than that.

How big is an a3 piece of paper in cm?

29.7cm width and 42cm height. Double the size of A4.

What is the volume of a piece of paper?

L x W x H, but for the height, you need to use micrometer caliper.

What do you do with the piece of paper of vegetable villain mission of club penguin?

you have to look at the piece of paper and the things that are on the piece of paper follow it

What is the width of a piece of paper?

The answer depends on the piece of paper. You can cut it in half lengthways: it will still be a piece of paper but its width will be half as large!

How thick would a piece of paper folded in half be?

Folding the piece of paper does not change the thickness of the piece of paper. However, the thickness of the folded paper would be twice that of the original sheet of paper.

What kind of protection can a piece of paper provide?

A piece of paper or thin piece of metal will provide protection from?

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