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5 inches.

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Q: What is the height of a rectangle prism with length of 4in and width of 6in and the volume is 120 in cubed?
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Give an example of volume?

Volume is length times width times height. ^_^ Say, a 3-D rectangle. height: 8cm length: 5cm width: 4cm 5x4x8 5x4=20 20x8=160 And remember, volume is always cubed. Volume of the rectangle = 160cm3

Volume of a book with 10cm width length 2 times the weight and a height that is half the width?

The volume of a solid rectangle is equal to Length x Width x Height. So, 20cm x 10cm x 5cm would be 1000cm cubed.

Why is volume measured in cubed units?

Volume measures three dimensions: length, width, and height.

Why are there cubed units on volume?

Because you multiply 3 different terms for volume: length, width, and height

How do you find the volume of a box?

Length x width x height = ______ centimeters cubed.

How many millimeters are in a mililiter?

You cannot directly compare volume and length. Volume is 3 dimensional length, i.e. length by width by height. If you happened to mean millimetres cubed, there are 1000 mm cubed in a millilitre.

What is the real definition of volume in math is?

volume is defined as distance cubed, or length times width times height

If the volume of a rectangle is 420.75 centimeters cubed and the base is 49.5 centimeters cubed then what is the height?

A rectangle is a plane figure and so cannot have a volume. It can have an area, but the area would be square centimetres not cm cubed. Furthermore, the base should have a length, which should be expressed in centimetres, and not centimetres cubed. Alternatively, the question concernes a rectangular cuboid, whose volume IS 420.75 cm cubed. Its base has an area of 49.5 square centimetres. Given all this uncertainty in the question, it cannot be answered in a meaningful way.

What is the height of a box of staples if it is 6 cm in length and 7 cm in width and has a volume of 378 cm cubed?

volume = length x width x height height = volume / (length x width) height = 378 cm3 / (6cm x 7cm) = 9 cm

What is the formula for Volume of rectangular and triangular prism?

for both of them its... volume=length times width time height and its always cubed.

What are some examples of volume?

Say, a rectangular prism.... height: 8cm length: 5cm width: 4cm 5x4x8 5x4=20 20x8=160 And remember, volume is always cubed. Volume of the rectangle = 160cm3 HOPE THIS SOMEHOW HELPED YOU ;3

How do you solve for width when all you have is the Volume of a rectangle?

The question is not solvable. Volume is a three-dimensional concept. Rectangles are two-dimensional Width is a single dimension. Assumption: Submitter used the word Volume, but meant Area -------- To solve for Width of a Rectangle, given its Volume, you would need to know the Length of the Rectangle: Area = Width x Height so Width = Area / Length Assumption: Submitter used the word Rectangle, but meant Cube -------- To solve for Length of the side of a Cube of given Volume (in units cubed): Volume = Width x Height x Depth (which are all the same for a cube), so Volume = (Width of a side)^3 (cubed) so working from Volume to Width: Width = Volume^-3 (read: The cube root of the Volume) If another editor has a better means of entering the mathematical expressions, please have a go!)

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