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I assume you mean 5 and 025 (but I'll answer for.025 also). 5 milligrams is larger than 0.025mg. However 5mg is smaller than 025 milligrams.

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Q: What is the higher milligram 5 or 025?
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Which is greater 025 or 5?

025 is the same as 25 which is greater than 5

Which milligram is higher 1mg or o5mg?

05 mg = 5 mg is more massive.

Is microgram higher than milligram?


Are the suboxone with N8 on them the higher milligram suboxones?

Yes they are 8mg!

Is .02 or .025 larger?


What is the mass of a grain of rice?

The mass of one grain of rice is 25 milligram or .025 grams. There are about 29,000 rice grains in approximately one pound of long-grain white rice.

Is there a difference prescription Motrin or over the counter?

Higher doses or milligram usually

Convert .5 milligram to microgram?

There are 1000mcg per milligram: 0.5mg = 0.5 x 1,000 = 500mcg

500 micrograms is how many milligram?

.5 mg

How many calories does a milligram of potassium have?

5 calories.

What is .025 of 80?

It is: .025 times 80 = 2

How would you write milligram in numbers?

milligram is the milli- prefix (m) to the gram unit (g); it is written as mg. eg 5 milligrams is 5 mg.

Is mcg higher than mg?

No, 1mcg is 1,000 times smaller than a milligram.

How do you write 025?

025 is the same as twenty five = 25

How many teaspoons in a 1000 milligram?

That is 1/5 of a teaspoon

Is 5 grams greater than 43 milligram?


What color are 3 and 5 milligram Xanax?

For Xanax, there is no 5 milligram dosage. There is .25 (white), .50 (pink/beige), and 1mg. (blue). There also is 2 mg. that is rectangular and light gray.

What is 025 divided by 241003 equals?


What milligram is mylan 345?

5 milligram diazepamAnd diazepam is generic Valium, a sedative drug and a skeletal muscle relaxant.

How many milligrams are in one milligram?

There is one milligram in one milligram.

What milligram does roxicodone come in?

They come in 5 10 15 and 30.

How many milligrams is 5 micrograms?

There are 1000 micrograms in a milligram. Therefore 5 micrograms is 0.005 milligrams.

How many milligrams are there in 5 picograms?

There are 1,000,000,000 picograms in a milligram. Therefore 5 picograms is 0.000000005 milligrams.

How many point 5 milligrams equal 1 milligram?

1/.5 = 2 so the answer is 2 of them.

Is 025 cents is equal to 2 and half cents?

No. 025 cents is 25 cents.