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there is some discussion about that model of rifle. according to my research the model 29 and 30 were actually made by Higgins along with two shotgun models. the numerich catalog list them as made by Higgins. the model 31 was made by high standard for sears. some say that j c Higgins was just a guy that worked at sears as a controller in the 1940 era and gave his permission to use his name on the sporting goods line. others say that j c Higgins was also a manufacturer of machinery and dabbled in 4 different models of guns as is indicated in the parts books. haven't found any company history yet but i am still looking. the shotguns were bolt action and are not disirable to collectors because most believe it is just a store brand by sears. if you find out any other info please post it as well. the value is what you paid for it and what you can sell it for.

There are a couple of obvious errors in the Numrich list (which was copied from The Blue Book), including cross-attribution of a couple models of Sears and JC Higgins guns. To find out who J C Higgins was (or wasn't) you can go to the official Sears website. There was never a J C Higgins manufacturing company of any kind. It was just an exclusive tradename used on all kinds of sporting goods sold by Sears Roebuck and Company from 1908 until they bought Ted Williams' name in 1961.

AnswerA list of High Stadnard manufactured guns and manuals are posted at there are moer than one variation of both the model 30 and model 31
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Q: What is the history and value of a J C Higgins model 30 22 rifle that ejects hulls to the right but you work it from left and looks like model 31 other than that?
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