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whats the difference between math and arithmetic

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Q: What is the history of Arithematic progression?
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8th termof an arithematic progression is16 what is its 12th term?

Any number you like. You need two terms to uniquely identify an arithmetic progression.

If the sum of five consecutive numbers is 30 in Arithematic Progression find the numbers?

4+5+6+7+8 = 30

What is the history of arithmetic progression?

The history of arithmetic progression started with Euler. Later is was refined by Dirichlet which led to his theory of arithmetic progression.

What are the registers ALU and CU?

alu is arithematic logic unit. it is a part of computer system. it performs arithematic operations like +,-,*,/etc.alu is arithematic logic unit. it is a part of computer system. it performs arithematic operations like +,-,*,/etc.

What is 10 less than 305 in Arithematic?


What is the role of the ALU in data processing?

ALU stands for ARITHEMATIC LOGIC UNIT .It is a combinational circuit for arithematic and logical bitwise computation.

What is volley ball history?

how the sport came about, origins, progression of the sport - expansion, growing popularity, etc. does that answer your question?

What is the meaning of food culture?

Sociology of food is the study of food as it relates to the history, progression, and future development of society.

What is progression?

progression is were you gradually get better at something

What is the correct progression of the food chain?

there is no progression

How do you put progression in a sentence?

I am pleased with your progression.

What is the mathematical concept of arithmetic progression?

i need mathematical approach to arithmetic progression and geometric progression.

What has the author John William Mitchell written?

John William Mitchell has written: 'A history of theories of functional harmonic progression' -- subject(s): History, Music theory, Harmony

What is the progression of hominid species?

it is the progression of hominid species.

How is progression related to change?

without progression there is no change

What is mathematical sequence?

Sequences are a group of numbers that follow a certain pattern. There are two kinds of sequences, the arithematic sequence and geometric sequence. Arithematic sequence follows through addition (and subtraction). Geometric sequence follows throug multiplication (and division). Arithematic Sequence Example : 1, 6, 11, 16, 21 The pattern follows an addition of 5. Geometric Sequence Example : 1, 3, 9, 27, 81 The pattern follows a multiplication of 3

What are the progression amendments?

progression is about amendments being prgress lol

Suggest a project on arithmetic progression for tenth?

Airthmetic Progression

What is the ISBN of The Aquitaine Progression?

The ISBN of The Aquitaine Progression is 0394536746.

What does progression mean?

what does progression mean? Progression is when you try a sport and then mark yourself out of 10 and then keep trying and that is progressing something.

In fitness training what does 'progression' mean?

Progression - starting slowly and gradually getting increasing the amount of exercise you do.

What is a sentence for the word progression?

The chord progression in the guitar solo is beautiful, but challenging to play. The progression of the disease was rapid and she was dead within two months. I watched as the child's progression of anger exploded into a huge temper tantrum. Chemotherapy will halt progression of the tumor. His career path was a logical progression from accountant to financial controller. The movie chronicles his progression from an NFL rookie to an NFL superstar.

What is a reliable college level arithematic workbook by title?

A reliable college level arithmetic workbook is the Accuplacer Workbook.

Where to use arithmetic progression formulae?

Where you have an arithmetic progression, quite possibly.

What is a sentence using the word progression?

the cancers progression was halted by the chemo.