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Q: What is the homophone of two plus two a preposition indicating purpose?
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What is a homophone for two plus two and a preposition indicating purpose?

The homophone for "two plus two" is "to/too/two," and the preposition indicating purpose is "for."

What is a preposition plus a noun called?

It's called a preposition phrase.

What is a homophone for two plus two?

four, for, fore

How can you use the verb plus in a sentence?

My dictionary said plus is a noun, an adjective, a preposition and a conjunction but not a verb.

How do you get a sentence from Adjective plus Noun plus Verb plus Preposition plus Conjunction plus Noun plus Verb plus Noun?

Difficult subjects came up and secretaries took notes.

What is the English translation of the French phrase 'de plus en plus'?

"More and more" is an English equivalent of the French phrase de plus en plus.Specifically, the preposition de literally is "from, of". The adjective plus means "more". The preposition en translates literally as "on".The pronunciation will be "duh plyuu-zaw plyoo" in French.

What is a preposition starting with the letter P?

A preposition starting with the letter P is "under."

What is the purpose of C plus plus?

Computer programming.

Is middle a preposition?

Yes. A preposition would be a word that creates a relation from the noun to other words in a sentence. For example, a preposition could indicate all the places a squirrel can be in relation to a tree: A squirrel can be: above, beside, below, inside, on, or by the tree! The following bolded words are objects of the preposition. at noon, beside the tree, under the bed. A preposition plus the object of the preposition is called a prepositional phrase. A person could be in the middle of a doorway. Therefore, middle can be a preposition. -QueenGrammarBee

Is it grammatically correct to say 'where are you at'?

No. There is a slang usage, as in "That's not where I'm at," meaning it does not describe my attitude or motives accurately, but speaking of location, where plus at is simply not standard English.

Is the verb suggest followed by the preposition to or just verb plus ing?

The verb "suggest" is typically followed by the base form of the verb (without "to"), as in "I suggest watching a movie."

Is there any purpose to the parts of a turbo c plus plus program?