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100% humidity. I am a professor at Brown University.

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Q: What is the humidity percentage on mars?
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What is the humidity on earth?

It is less than mars

What are humidity measurements based upon?

Air humidity measurements are based on the water content of the air, expressed as volume percentage: Relative Humidity = percentage of saturation at a given temperature Absolute Humidity = percentage of water in the air, regardless of saturation or temperature. The humidity that is talked about in weather reports, is relative humidity.

What was the percentage of humidity?

0 degree

Is humidity a percentage?

Yes, humidity is expressed as a percentage. When the dewpoint and the humidity are nearly the exactly the same or exactly the same as the air temperature, you'll have fog. The higher the dewpoint, the more humid it will feel.

What percentage of humidity is it when the air is saturated?


What percentage of humidity does the tornado have?

It is 80 percent or over.

What is the humidity on Mars like?

Several sources show that there is essentially no water on Saturn. Therefore no humidity.

Measure of humidity?

Relative humidity and is expressed as a percentage. Absolute humidity is expressed as a concentration - mg/L. Specific humidity is a ratio of masses - water to air in a finite volume.

What is the percentage of N2 on Mars?

Mars's atmosphere is composed of about 2.7% nitrogen.

Why is it dry in Death Valley of California?

it is low in humidity percentage

What things are true about relative humidity?

the things that are true about it is that it is a percentage

What is the percentage of humidity?

The short answer is the maximum percentage of humidity in the air at any temperature is 100%. The percentage of humidity or relative humidity of air is the percent of the maximum humidity or amount of water that the air can hold at any given temperature. Therefore if the relative humidity is 80 per cent at 20 degrees and then the air cools off to 18 degrees the relative humidity goes up even though the amount of humidity or water in the air stays the same. If the temperature continues to drop the relative humidity will continue to rise. Since cool air can hold less air than warm air the relative humidity will eventually reach 100%. If the temperature continues to fall the relative humidity will remain at 100% and water will come out of the air as precipitation.