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Calculators are used for solving calculations which are beyond normal reasoning

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Q: What is the importance of a calculators?
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What are the different types of calculators?

Calculators help in making technical math problems easy. The three most common types of calculators are handheld calculators, printing calculators, and scientific calculators.

Are all calculators in India solar calculators?

no there are no solar calculators in india

Why do colleges use grade calculators?

Grade calculators are used by colleges in order to determine a good overall representation of a student's performance throughout the school year. This system allows a college to give more importance to specific results that are achieved throughout the school year.

What does fitness calculators means?

Fitness calculators

What is the best best retirement calculator to use to show teens the importance of financial planning?

Investopedia and Money Magazine both have retirement calculators geared toward teens and young adults to get them started saving young. The calculators show them how a long horizon and compounding will help them save enough.

Where can I find investment calculators?

The best investment calculators, and general finance calculators, are all found online at This is the best website for calculators, in my personal opinion.

What are calculators use in the accounts office for?

simple calculators

Are any calculators water proof?

There are some water-resistant calculators, but waterproof calculators are very hard to come by.

Are there calculus calculators?

There are calculus calculators, such as the TI-200 Voyage.

When was Primitive Calculators created?

Primitive Calculators was created in 1978.

What are the kinds of calculator?

Well an regular calculator a tip calculator for bills handheld calculators graphing calculators and plus calculators

A five letter word for early calculators?

early calculators= hands