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To get a visual representation of things and to take the data you have and obtain information from the graph about values you have not measured.

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Q: What is the importance of a graph?
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What is the importance of line graph?

becauseit is important

Importance of line graph?

The major importance of a line graph is that it allows a person to visually see the relationship between two major variables. A line graph contains a vertical axis and a horizontal axis.

What is the importance of units on a graph?

it's to help you with your counting

What are the importance of zeros on a graph in physical science?

the sercler soil in that erosion

What is the importance in reading graph?

The scales and title applied to the graph's axes.

Can you list the Importance of tables and graph?

tables show us information all in one

What is the importance of slope intercept form?

makes it very easy to graph linear equations

What the importance of bars in bar graphs?

They are essential by definition. It is not possible to have a bar graph with no bars!

What is the importance of uniform acceleration graph in physics what is instantaneous velocity?

The slope of a velocity-time graph that shows uniform acceleration is the actual acceleration. Instantaneous velocity is the velocity of a body at a particular moment in time.

What is the importance of range in math?

lthe range of any graph describes all the y-values that are represented. If there are no restrictions on the variables in the equation on the graph, the range is generally y= all real numbers (that |R symbol)

Importance of using chart graph and table?

it makes teaching-learning process simpler helps students increase their analyzing skills

What is the importance of being able to apply the graph on a spreadsheet?

They give a visual representation of the data, so they can be useful as a way of interpreting the data.

What are the types of graph?

circle graph bar graph line graph Picto graph climate graph

What are the five parts of a graph?

the five graph is line graph,bar graph,pictograph,pie graph and coin graph

What are the names of the on a graph?

bar graph, double bar graph, line graph, and picto graph

What is the importance of graphing?

A graph (the result of graphing data) presents the data visually and allows observers to see (literally) the relationship between data points.

What graph do you use to show increase and decrease?

A line graph.A line graph.A line graph.A line graph.

What is the importance of x and y intercepts?

-- If you know the general shape of a graph, and you can quickly determine the x- and y-intercepts, that's often enough information to make a pretty accurate sketch of the graph. -- In particular, if the equation is a linear one, then you know the graph will be a straight line; and then, as soon as you know the x- and y-intercepts, just draw the line between them and you don't need anything else ... that's your graph.

What does a graph need to make it a graph?

I don't

What are the three different types of graphs?


Kinds of bar graph?

bar graph,line graph and pie graph

What is subgraph in given graph?

If all the vertices and edges of a graph A are in graph B then graph A is a sub graph of B.

How are elements usually displayed in a line graph circle graph or a bar graph or a table graph?

Table Graph

How are a bar graph and a line graph different?

a bar graph is a graph that displays data using bars and a line graph is a graph that displays data in a line

What a 4 type of graph?

Pie graph, column graph , tally graph, Histogram