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Q: What is the independent variable in the question fertilizer in soil increases flower production?
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its average total cost will decrease as production increases question from e2020 test.

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A question that has an independent ad dependent variable I it.

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And the question is,

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organic fertilizer. hope that helps i had the same question and couldn't find the answer so i needed help and my teacher heped me! so that should be right! lol

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This is a statement not a question. You need to frame a question to have an answer.

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What fertilizer is best for Euphorbia milii?

A liquid cactus fertilizer describes the best fertilizer for Euphorbia milii. Crown-of-thorns, the common name for the plant in question, may need fertilizer the year after planting and after each repotting or transplanting. Any fertilizer must be applied in soil no moister than that of a wrung-out sponge and no more frequently than every 14 days between April and September.

How many bushel in a ton of fertilizer?

This question cannot be answered since different fertilizers have different densities and therefore different bushel amounts. In the US fertilizer is not typically measured in bushels anyway.

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thermal energyalternative energy

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