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what is the index of 3x3x3x3

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I don't kown

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Q: What is the index of 3x3x3x3?
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What is 81 in index form?

9 squared ?

What is the product of 3x3x3x3 written as a power?

34 = 3x3x3x3

What is 3x3x3x3?

The Answer Is 81 Because 3x3=9 Then 9x3=27 Then 27x3=81 There :)

Prime factorization of 81?


The prime factorization for 81 is what?


What does three to the fourth power mean?


What is the number with a prime factorization of 3x3x3x3?

It is: 81

What are the prime factors factors of 81?

81 = 3x3x3x3

What is 3 to the fourth powers product?

81 3x3x3x3=81

Write in the short way3 multiply 3multiply 3multiply3?

34 =3x3x3x3

How many cubic feet are in 3 cibic yards?

3x3x3x3, or 81

Is 81 a prime factorization?

81 is not prime. Its prime factorization is 3x3x3x3.

What is 3 x 3 x 3 x 3?


What is the explanation for 3x3x3x3 equals 81?

Its 3 to the fourth power. Is that what you're asking?

What are the factors of 90 and 81?

Factors of 90 are=3x3x5x2 Factors of 81=3x3x3x3

What are all the whole number factors for 81?

81 = 3x3x3x3 = 3481 = 1,3,9,27,81

What is an exponental notation?

Exponential notation would be somthing such as 34 rather than 3x3x3x3

How many prime numbers are in 81?

apart from1, 3x3x3x3, so four I suppose

What is the prime factorization of number 81?

The prime factorization of 81 is 3x3x3x3 or 34 in exponential form.

What is 3 to the 4th power plus 3 to the 3rd power?

3x3x3x3 + 3x3x3 = 81 + 27 = 108

What is the prime factors for number 81?

The prime factorization of 81 is 3^4, also written 3x3x3x3.

What is the greatest common factor of 111 and 81?

111=3x37 and 81=3x3x3x3 so hcf is 3

What is the least common multiple of 90 and 81?

81=3x3x3x3 90=3x3 x2x5 ________________ LCM=3x3x3x3x2x5= 810

What is the fourth power of three?

The fourth power of three, or 34, is eighty-one (81). This can be thought of as 3x3x3x3, or 9x9.

What does 3 to the fourth equal?

3x3x3x3=81 What's 3x3? 9. What's 9x3? 27. What's 27x3? 81.

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