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25.5 inches

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Q: What is the inseam for a 5 ft 5 in man?
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Can a man that is 5 ft 9 in beat a man that is 5 ft?

Physical height alone does not determine the outcome of a competition between two individuals. Factors such as skill, strength, speed, and endurance play a more significant role in determining who would win. Height can provide a slight advantage in some situations, but it is not the sole factor that guarantees victory.

What size pants does Brandon routh wear?

Judging by his long torso and comparing his frame to 6 ft 4 inch swimmer Michael Phelps who has a 32 inch inseam, Routh probably has between a 32 and 34 inch inseam in the pants he wears. Tom Welling is reported to have a 33 to 34 inch inseam and both actors stand around 6 ft 3 inches tall

What is the height on the average Vietnamese man?

at lease 5 ft.

What is the difference long inseam short inseam regular?

The difference between a long inseam and a short inseam regular is approximately 4 inches. The insane is measured from the heel of the show to the crotch of the pants.

Where Can I find shorts 5 inseam online?

You can find them online by looking here: or

Where can I buy 5 running shorts?

A good place to buy shorts with a 5 inseam is There is a good variety of 5 inseam shorts for women on that site. also has 5 inseam shorts for women. There are also some nice ones at

If i am 5 foot 5 inches what inch inseam should i have?

You can't get that from your height measurements. The inseam runs from your crotch down inside your leg to the top of your foot (or close to it). I'm about your size, my inseam now is 29 inches, but when I was younger it was 30 inches. People normally shrink in height as they age. I'm now a full inch shorter than I was 60 years ago. Bottom line, we can't tell you an answer because your inseam depends on how much of your height comes from the legs, trunk, and head.

What is the difference between a long inseam and a regular inseam for pants?

The inseam for pants is the length of the pants from crotch to the bottom of the pants. A regular inseam is the typical length for pants and a long inseam is longer than normal and designed for taller people.

If i am 5 foot 6 inches what inch instream on pants should i have?

If you are 5 foot and 6 inches, you are average height for a female. The inseam, though, would depend on how long your legs are. Most people that are average height wear an inseam of 30 to 31 inches.

What is a graduated inseam on pants?

The phrase 'graduated inseam' in clothing manufacturing indicates that the inseam length on a pair of trouser varies by size -- it is shorter for smaller sizes and longer for larger sizes. This is in contrast to a regular inseam which will be the same length regardless of the size.

Where can i get 5 inch inseam shorts for my middle school daughter?

The warehouse the wharehouse where everyone gets bargains

What size suit for a 6 foot 218 pound man?

That will depend on the measurements of the waist, chest, inseam of the trousers and sleeve length.