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It is 33.

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Q: What is the integer of 33 cents?
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What is the ratio of 33 cents to 15 cents?

33 cents : 15 cents Divide both sides by 3 cents to give 11 : 5

Is 33 an integer?


How much money is 33 nickels?

A nickel is 5 cents, so 33 of them are worth 33*5 = 165 cents, or $1.65

Is 33 a repeating decimal?

No, 33 is an integer. 0.3333 repeating is a repeating decimal.

How do you write one third of a dollar?

33 cents (actually, it is a repeating decimal; 33.333333333... but you can't have that in cents so the actual amount is 33 cents.)

how many cents is a third of a dollar?

33 cents is a third of a dollar

What does 33.33 round to?

To the nearest integer, 33

Is .33 an inetger?

No, it is not an integer.

What is the average integer from 25 to 41?

It is 33.

What is the 17th odd positive integer?

33 The 17th odd positive integer is

Which fraction is equal to 33?

33 is an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in rational form as 33/1. You can then calculate equivalent rational fractions if you multiply both, its numerator and denominator, by any non-zero integer.

What can you buy for 33 cents?

If something is on sale as three for one dollar, you can usually buy one of the items for 33 cents. Toys in gumball machines are sometimes priced at 25 cents.

What did a stamp cost in 2000?

Postage in 2000 was 33 cents. It was 32 cent until January of 1995. It remained at 33 cents until January of 2001 when it went up to 34 cents.

How much is a mexican peso?

about 33 cents

What was the price of cigarettes in 1973?

33 cents

What is a H stamp?

It is worth 33 cents.

What is the H stamp value?

33 cents

What is 1 third of a dollar?

33 cents.

What was the cost of stamps in 1999?

Depends on when during 1999, but for most of the year it was 33 cents. The postage rate went from 32 to 33 cents on the 10th of January of 1999. It went to 34 cents in January of 2001.

If you have 5 dollars and something is 15 cents how many could you get?

33 items at 15 cents each and 5 cents change.

In 1998 what was the postage for a first class letter?

32 cents (it was then raised in 1999 to 33 cents)

What is the average integer between 25 and 41?

33. ( how i got it 25+41= 66; 66/2= 33)

How is the GCF of 165 and 99 33?

33 is the largest integer that divides into both 99 and 165 evenly with no remainder.

Price of a stamp in 1998?

The postage rate in 1998 was 32 cents. It was raised from 29 cents in 1995. It went to 33 cents in 1999.

What was the price of a stamp in 1996?

The postage rate in 1996 was 32 cents. It was raised from 29 cents in 1995. It went to 33 cents in 1999.