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The integer value of 5 degrees under zero is -5. It is -5 because using a number line you would be able to see 5 units under zero is -5.

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Q: What is the integer of 5 degrees below zero?
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What is the integer for five degrees below zero?


Which is colder 5 degrees or 3 degrees below zero?

5 degrees is colder

What temperature is five degrees below zero on the Celsius scale?


What is five degrees below zero on a Celsius scale?


Which is colder -5 degrees or -50 degrees below zero?


What is 5 degrees below zero?

it all depends on what scale. 0 degrees Kelvin (K) is the ultimate lowest temperature possible. In Celsius it is -273,15 and it can't get any lower. So 5 degrees below zero is not below 0 K. When you Celsius as scale it means it is 5 degrees below the point that water freezes.

Does the sum of a negative integer and a positive integer always zero?

No,because if you add -5 and 10 you get 5 which is not equal to zero. They way you would get 0 as an answer is if you add a negative integer and it's opposite like -5 and 5. Then your answer would be zero.

What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in Mount Apo in the Philippines?

Below Zero

What temperature is 9 degrees less than 5 degrees celsius?

Four degrees below zero celsius (or -4 degrees C) is nine degrees less than 5 degrees C.

180 degrees below zero Celsius is what temperature Fahrenheit?

Fahrenheit (F) = Celsius x 5/9 + 32. Accordingly, 180 below zero Celsius equals in Fahrenheit -180x 5/9 + 32. The result is -68 degrees Fahrenheit.

At 5 AM the temperature was 15 degrees below zero By noon it had risen to 13 degrees What was the average hourly increase in temperature?


What is 3 below zero celsius in farhrenheit?

It is: 9/5*(-3)+32 = 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit

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