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5x3=15 is the inverse

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Q: What is the inverse to 3x5 equals 15?
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What multiple. Equals 15?


How do you break apart 3x5 equals 15?


What is the answer 2 plus 3x5 equals?

2+3*5 = 2 + 15 = 17

How does 15 over 40 equals 3 over 8?

15/40 = (3x5)/(8x5) = 3/8

If rs equals 15 and rt equals 18 what does st equals?

r = 3 s = 5 t = 6 rs = 3x5 = 15 rt = 3x6 = 18 st = 5x6 = 30

What is the answer to 3n equals 3x5?


How many cells are in a 3x5 table?

There are fifteen cells in a 3x5 table

what would 15 be as a product of prime?


What is the additive inverse of -15?

the additive inverse of (-15) is 15.

What equals 15?

3x5 5+5+5

What is 3x1x5?

The answer is 15 3x5 is 15 then times 1 is still 15

What is the value of 5x-3x5 when x equals 22?


2x3 plus 3x5- 3x2 equals?

(2x3)+(3x5)-(3x2)= 2x3=6 3x5=15 3x2=6 So..... 6x25-6= 6x25=150 150+6=156

What is the perimeter of a 3x5 rectangle?


Write the prime factorization of 15?


What goes into 36 and 15?

3x5 and 3x12 so 3

What is the inverse of 3x72 equals 21 and why?

There is no sensible inverse to sentence that is FALSE!

What can you multiply by to get 15?

1x15 3x5

What is (3X5)X2?

15 x 2 = 30

What is a generalization for 3x5 equals 5x3?

The generalisation is that multiplication is Abelian (or commutative) for numbers.

What is the inverse of 8x4 equals 32?

4x8 equals 32

What are he factors for 15?

What are the for 15. 1x15, 3x5.

What is the additive inverse of 15?

It is -15.

What are factor pairs of 15?

Factor pairs of 15 are: 1x15=15 and 3x5=15. 1, 3, 5, and 15 are the factors of 15.

Inverse property of multiplication?

Multiplying a number by its inverse equals a * (1/a) = 1. The a cancels out.