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The largest area is 56 square units while the smallest area is 14 square units.

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56 and 14

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Where is the largest botanical garden in India?

The Largest botanical garden in India is at Pune.

What is a sentence for boundary?

The creek will serve as a boundary for our garden. The path of the Voyager spacecraft will take it right past the boundary of our galaxy.

India's largest garden?

Pinjor Garden

Do you use the area or the perimiter of a garden for a fence?

The perimeter. It is the total length of the boundary (where the fence is or will be) of the garden.

The largest rose garden in India is?

mughal garden

Which is the world's largest garden?

Qinling Mountain National Botanic Garden is the world's largest garden. According to Botanic Gardens Conservation International, the title of world's largest garden will pass from Australia to China. Upon completion, which was scheduled for the end of 2008, the Qinling Mountain National Botanic Garden in the northwestern Chinese province of Shaanxi will be four times the size of the Queensland Botanical Gardens.

What is the largest arena in America?

madasion square garden

Which city has the world's largest rose garden?

Tyler, Texas

Which is the largest cricket stadium in Asia?

eden garden stadium

What is the shortest movie in the world?

the movie is called Roundhay Garden Scene made in 1888 and lasted 3 seconds

Is Haiti on a fault line?

Yes, marking the boundary between the North American and Caribbean plates. The portion of this boundary that Haiti is located on is given the name the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault zone.

What is the world's largest rose garden?

Sangerhausen Rosarium, in Sangerhausen Germany

What was the largest rap concert?

Jay-Z Madison Square Garden

What is the largest botanical garden in the world?

Royal botanical gardens, Kew, UK as of now but china is enlarging one of its botanical gardens and when the project is complete, china will boast of the largest botanical garden in the world.

Where is largest botanical garden in india located?

Indian Botanical Garden situated in Shibpur, Howrah near Kolkata is the largest botanical garden of India. The gardens exhibit a wide variety of rare plants and have a collection of over 12,000 specimens spread over 109 hectares.

Australia's largest naval base?

HMAS Stirling, Garden Island, WA

What is the largest indoor arena in North America?

Madison Square Garden (MSG)

What is the biggest garden I can reasonably expect to take care of without having a tractor?

The largest garden one can traditionally manage by hand is one acre.

Where can someone purchase garden stakes?

The best place to find garden stakes would be at a garden centre as they will hold the largest variety depending on your needs. You could also try high street shops such as "Wilkinsons".

To the nearest meter. Vicky's garden is 12 meters long. Vicky ran the length of the garden. What is the shortest length she may have run?

According to the details in the question,12 metres is the length that Vicky can run.

How many square feet is the largest home in Atlanta?

Dean's Garden is known to be the largest home in Atlanta. It has 23,000 square feet of liveable space.

What types of forums does the Garden Web have?

The Garden Web Forums is made from the largest community of gardeners on the internet. They discuss different types of plants and tools used in gardening.

Where is the world's largest hoe?

Probably Plymouth Ho near Plymouth England. The guiness book of records does not contain an entry for the worlds largest garden implement.

Where is the biggest tea garden of the world located?

The biggest tea garden of the world is located in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The tea garden plantation has over 150 tea gardens and has three of the world's largest tea gardens both in production and area.

Where is the largest permaculture garden?

Is it not Crystal Waters Village north of Brisbane, Australia? It takes up 640 acres.

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