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Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia.

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Q: What is the largest cricket pavilion in the world?
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What does cricket pavilion?

Cricket pavillion is an place where cricketers sit.

What is the Largest cricket ground in the world?

Its MCG cricket Ground in Australia.

What is the world's largest cricket stadium?

Melbourne Cricket Ground (M.C.G), Melbourne, Australia, is the largest cricket stadium in the world with a capacity of holding 100018 people at a time.

Which cricket ground is largest in world?

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Melbourne , Australia.

What does pavilion mean in cricket?

The 'pavilion' is basically the club house where equipment is kept, players can change and often refreshments are served.

Biggest cricket ground in the world?

The Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Sydney Cricket Ground are considered to be the 2 largest/biggest cricket grounds in the world. Both of them are situated in Australia and have a great history.

Who is the only man to hit a cricket ball over the pavilion?

sachin tendulkar

Largest boundary cricket ground?

Melbourne Cricket Ground(Australia)

What has the author Dickie Bird written?

Dickie Bird has written: 'From the pavilion end' -- subject(s): Cricket, Umpiring

What are the five pivillions in the Epcot center?

There are more than five: Mexico Pavilion Norway Pavilion China Pavilion Germany Pavilion Italy Pavilion U.S.A. Pavilion Japan Pavilion Morocco Pavilion France Pavilion United Kingdom Pavilion Canada Pavilion

What are the pavilions called in Epcot?

The pavilions in Epcot are named according to the country; so there is the Mexico Pavilion, Norway Pavilion, China Pavilion, Germany Pavilion, Italy Pavilion, U.S.A. Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, Morocco Pavilion, France Pavilion, United Kingdom Pavilion, and Canada Pavilion

Which is largest cricket stadium in Asia?

Mahinda rajapakse stadium,hambantota,sri is the world biggest ground

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