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It can go on to infinity if you just keep adding 3

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Q: What is the largest number you can make by taking away and adding 3?
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How do you take away a negative number from a positive number?

Taking away a negative number is the same as adding the positive value of that number. So 5 take away (-3) = 5 add 3 = 8

Is area adding or taking away?

Area is length x width, so is not adding or taking away When you need to find the total of 2 areas, you have to add them

What is the rule for adding negative integers?

Adding negatives is exactly the same as taking away the positive number. Alternatively you can think of it as "imagine both the numbers are positive, add them together. This number is then negative. And you're done".

What is the relationship between multiply and factoring?

multiplying is making a number bigger by adding itself to itself a certain number of times and factoring is the opposite, taking away a certain number from itself.

How can you find the sum of a positive integer and a negative integer without using a number line?

Adding a negative number is just the same as subtracting a positive number. So 3 plus (-4) is the same as 3 minus 4. The answer to 3 - 4 is the inverse of the answer to 4 - 3 So if 4-3=1 then 3-4=-1 Other useful rules: Taking away a minus number is the same as adding a plus number. Subtracting a plus number, or adding a minus number, is the same as taking away a positive number.

Is 0.18 smaller then 0.818?

Here is how to find out:-Take away one from the other.If you get a positive answer then the number you are taking away form is bigger than the number you are taking away.If you get a negative answer the number you are taking away from is smaller than the number you are taking away.

What is removed in oxidation?

Oxidation is the process of adding oxygen or taking away hydrogen.

Explain why 7 minus negative 5 is 12?

7 - (-5) = 7 + 5 = 12 Taking away a negative number is defined as adding its absolute value.

-2 plus 5 equals what?

Adding a negative number and positive number lowers the positive number. So, since you're taking 2 away from 5, the 5 goes down to 3. Therefore, the answer is 3.


Its like adding, but instead of combining you take away numbers.

WHY plus - equals TO-NOT plus?

Thing of it this way, you are adding negativity, therefore you are taking away positivity, which is what the numbers you are working with are, when doing adding sums.

How can you change the price of the house in the Sims 2?

by adding or taking away things on, in or around the house.