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13 inches

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Q: What is the largest okra ever grown?
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Who has the largest pickle?

The largest cucumber ever grown was 44.5 inches. It was grown by Daniel Tomelin in British Columbia.i

Where were the largest lemons ever grown?

36 cm

What is the largest afro that has ever been grown?

The largest afro ever grown was on a man's head, named Samurai Jack (nickname). The afro grew to a size of 54cm which became the worlds largest afro accredited by the Guinness Worlds of Record in September 2004.

How big was the largest pumpkin ever grown?

1,705 pounds o yeah

How many pounds did the largest pumpkin ever grown weigh?

The largest pumpkin ever grown weighed 2,624.6 pounds. It was grown by Mathias Willemijns in Belgium in 2016.

What is the world's largest turnip ever grown?

The record for the largest turnip ever grown is 85.5 pounds. For a picture and more information visit:

What do you call a plant grown in the south used to thicken soups and stews?


What is the largest vegetation?

The largest vegetable ever grown was a Pumpkin

Recipes of okra?

Okra can be used to make a variety of dishes! okra or ladies finger is very good for diabetic patients. It grown in tropical climate. You can find some okra recipes here @Raj-bi7xp to learn More recipes subscribe hope it helps

Is ladies finger a herb?

Ladies fingers or Okra is a member of the Hibiscus family H.esculentus it is an annual grown for the fruit used in cookery. The flowers are fairly inconspicuous.

What is the largest segment of the crops grown under cover?

Mushrooms are by far the largest segment of crops grown under cover.

What is largest fruit grown on a tree?