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Soccer or as some call it Football is the biggest sport in the world!

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Q: What is the largest sport in the world?
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Which is second biggest sport in the world?

football. Football is the largest sport! The second largest sport is Field Hockey

What is the largest played sport in the world?


Largest spectator sport in world?


Which sport has the largest television audience in the world?

That is Soccer

What sport has the largest amount of participants in the WORLD?


What professional sport association is the largest?

depends what you mean by largest. soccer would be the largest world wide

Biggest sport festival in the world?

"olympic games" is the world's largest sports festival.

What sport uses the largest ball?

The regulation sport that uses the largest ball is basketball.

Which sport has the largest revenues in the us?

Football has the largest revenues

Where is the world's largest sporting goods store located?

Scheels All Sport located in Sparks, Nv

What are the highest grossing sports in the world in 2013?

I think Football is the highest grossing sports in the world in 2013.It is the largest sport who famous in many countries in the world

What sport ranks second in attendance per year?

Field Hockey is reported to be the second largest participation team sport in the world. First being Football (Soccer)

What sport is played on the largest court?


What sport has the largest playing area?


What sport has the largest field?

My guess is polo

What is the largest indoor sport in the US?


Which is the largest team sport in India?


What is the largest participation sport in the uk?


What sport is played on largest field?


Sky diving is popular in which country?

Skydiving is popular in many countries around the world. It is an expensive sport, but despite this, 3rd world countries still often have large numbers of skydivers.Some facts:Germany has the largest number of dropzones in comparison to its population.The UK has the largest national championships in comparison to its jumping population.The USA has the largest number of sport parachutists.

What is the most attended sport?

Soccer is the most attended sport in the world but only while the Fifa World Cup is on. Nascar has the largest stadiums but are not always sold out, daytona 500 is the biggest stadium in racing, in soccer a staduim in Brazil is the largest staduim that at maximum can host nearly 250,000 people.

Which sport has the largest viewership?

Soccer because that's the national sport of most countries

What is the largest Particapation Sport in UK?

Definitley Fishing

Which sport has the largest TV audience?

I believe its soccer

What team sport has the largest playing field?