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0, 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64

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25, 36, 49, 64,

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Q: What is the last square number before 80?
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Related questions

Is 80 a square a number?

No but 81 is a square number

Is there any square numbers between 70 and 80?

No, there aren't any square numbers between 70 and 80. From 70 to 80, no number has a perfect square root, so no square number exists between 70 to 80.

Is 80 square number?


Why is 80 a square number?

80 is not a square number 1 is, 4 is, 9 is, 16 is, 25 is, 36 is, 49 is, 64 is, 81 is, 100 is 80 is not

Is 80 a perfect square number?

No, 80 is a not perfect square.

Is 80 a squared number?

No but 81 is a square number

Is the square root of 80 a rational number?


What are the square number between 50 and 80?


Is the square root of 80 an irrational number?


What is a square number less than 80?


What is the square root of 80 to the nearest whole number?


Is the squar root 80 an integer?

No, because an integer is a whole number and it's opposite (negative or positive). The square root of 80 is not a whole number.

How many square numbers between 1 80?

Infinitely many, since every number in that range is a square of some other number. There are 7 perfect square numbers.

Number of Acres in .125 of square mile?

Exactly 80 acres.

What is equivalent to square root -80?

A negative number cannot have a square root in basic mathematics. However, in more advanced mathematics, you will study complex numbers. And there you will find that the square roots of -80 are ± 8.944*i where i is the imaginary square root of -1.Incidentally, ± 8.944 are the square roots of +80.

What kind of number is the square root of the fraction 80 over 2?

Well, lets see. First we have to divide 80 by 2 as such: 80/2 = 40. Then we square root 40, which leads us to our final answer of 6.32455532.

What is a square number between 80 and 90?

81; because 92 is 81.

What is a square number that is less than 80 and a multiple of 9?

9 and 36

What two whole numbers fall before and after 80?

Whole numbers means no decimal places have to be represented and no fractions can be associated with it. so 80 is a whole number and the whole number before it is 79 and the whole number after it is 81

How many square feet are in a room that measures 8x10?

80 square feet. This is an easy calculation - just multiply the length by the width. The answer is the number of square feet.

How many square feet are in 28 x 80?

Any positive number that you like, depending on the units in which 28 x 80 are measured.

How much is 80 square feet in square meters?

80 square feet is 7.43224 square meters.

How many square feet are in 80 square inches?

80 square inches is 0.56 square feet.

Irrational number between 8 and 9?

An irrational number is a number which cannot be expressed as a fraction made of integers. These numbers generally have infinite decimals with no pattern to them whatsoever. The easiest way, I think, to make an irrational number is to take the square root of a number between the squares of your parameters, in this case between 64 and 81. Thus a number such as square root(72), which is 8.485281..., or square root(80), which is 8.944571..., will do nicely.

How big is 80 square feet?

80 square feet can be broken down to equal 7.43 meters. 80 square feet can also equal out to 8.889 square yards. 80 feet will also equal out to 11,520 square inches.