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Q: What is the latest under-employment in the Philippines?
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What are the effect of underemployment in the Philippines?

Underemployment in the Philippines can lead to lower income levels, job dissatisfaction, and limited career growth opportunities for workers. It can also hinder overall economic productivity and contribute to a cycle of poverty within the country. Additionally, underemployment can result in a mismatch of skills and qualifications among the workforce, leading to inefficiencies in labor utilization.

What causes underemployment in the Philippines?

the causes of underemployment in the philippines are the employees lack of mental capabilities,some are just not industrious enough to find a job because they easily give up..also its because of the crisis of the country that only few companies are progressive.

Can you Cite some examples of underemployment in the Philippines?

Nursing graduate but working as a call center agent

What is underemployment rate in the Philippines as of 2009-2010?

The underemployment rate, or people holding down part-time jobs, stood at 19.1 percent, down from 19.4 percent in April but still much higher than the 17.9 percent underemployment rate in the same period last year.

What is the abbreviation for the Philippines?

the latest is Phl

What are the latest Top Fifty Japanese companies in the Philippines?

philippines girls are made to get the hair cut

Is underemployment and disguised unemployment same?

no no

What are the latest tax issues in Philippines?

people who avoid paying taxes

What are the latest economic issues of the Philippines?

magkakalindol tayo

What is the latest mortality rate in the Philippines?

The latest mortality rate in the Philippines is approximately 5.8 deaths per 1,000 people as of 2021. This rate can vary year by year due to various factors such as healthcare accessibility, disease outbreaks, and natural disasters.

What has the author Martin Karcher written?

Martin Karcher has written: 'Unemployment and underemployment in the People's Republic of China' -- subject(s): Underemployment, Unemployed

What has the author Mike Hopkins written?

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